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More Pics from the Trailz!

Buddy and Tripp got to be honorary aussies… ๐Ÿ˜‰


It’s that time again – time to look back on the adventures of last week! And what a week it was! Sean and the aussie pack kicked us off with a race through Henry Cowell on Monday morning.

Over blue yonder…




On Tuesday, Ben and the westside pack went in search of new horizons…

Happy tired dogs











While Cali and Mochi were all smiles after hiking through DeLaVeaga with Dani.

“Did we just become best friends?” “Yep!”





But the big Tuesday moment was the forming of a brand new friendship: Oliver and Mawson! Instant BFFs right here! Mawson showed Oliver his favorite trails of Pogonip. Dani had the honor of keeping up with this high-energy duo.






On Wednesday Archie once again jumped in with the running pack, who took time out from tearing it up on the trails to pose for an epic picture with Sean. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Once more with feeling… ๐Ÿ˜‰







Also on Wednesday Mawson once again showed off his trademark pose with little lab pal Duchess. ;D

Lovin’ the sun








While Kelly and her cattle dog pals enjoyed the sunshine on their hike around the harbor with Kaylee.

Penny was too busy keeping an eye on the cattle to pose for pics…






On Thursday the Soquel crew was ready to roll through Aranna Gulch.




Welcome to the pack, Rosey!







And Friday we officially welcomed new dog runner Rosey Gonzales to the team! The dogs all gave her two paws way up. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Welcome Rosey!










Also on Friday, Gordy, the original GoDog, got to jump in with the running pack at DeLaVeaga, and he couldn’t be happier about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Look at Cooper’s grin, and even Gloria’s smiling! ;D





Meanwhile out in Nisene Marks, the Aptos pack enjoyed a beautiful, shady hike with Dani. Special call out to Cheebie, who is all healed up and back with the pack. Her younger brother Cooper has been extra happy out there now that she’s hiking with him again – look at that smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

Puppy love…





I’m going to end this week’s wrap-up with this picture of Pearl and Sean sharing a moment. Aww…


Looking forward to another week of adventure out on the trailz!




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Weekly Round-up: Catch up addition!

Well, I blinked and we’re already practically halfway through June. So here’s a very brief recap of the past two week’s adventures out on the trailz!

A few highlights from two weeks ago:

Aww, Penny!

Hillary took the cutest picture of Penny,

The face of a dog born to run!












and Lola won the award for “best smile” out on the trails of Henry Cowell.

Best buds!





Bronx and Omar were their usual goofy selves, just having way too much fun together…

The Scotts Valley trio!





while Archie, Cali, and Mochi were all smiles together. One of my favorite things about this job is seeing all these doggie friendships.

Cute Ziva face!







I’ll wrap the week up with a picture of Ziva smiling after a run,


and her little look-alike pal Huck with his gal pal Heidi-the-dog…not to be mistaken for Heidi-the-dog-walker. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bolt loves hiking so much!



And moving right along to last week, Bolt kicked us off with world’s cutest boxer grin,

Hahaha! ;*D



while Bronx amazed us with his ability to curl just the end of his tongue. This is a dog of many talents!



Here’s Charlie!






The pack welcomed two new additions: Charlie…






Hi, I’m Zoe!





and Zoe!





Sean and his pack








Oh, and here’s the pack:




Check out that fancy camera angle. ๐Ÿ˜‰










The littles dominated the trails, marching in perfect step behind their larger brethren.


Ricky Bobby and Zoe!








And then we’re on to Friday fun-day! It started with a cattle dog hike through DeLaVeaga…

Part of the Westside pack!








while theย Westside crew checked out some new trails over by Antonelli pond with Ben.

It’s time to run!








Also exciting? Archie dusted off his running speeds and hit the trails with his BFF Cali and her new running crew.

Aww… ๐Ÿ™‚









Whew! That was a sprint! I’m going to leave you all with this picture of Zoe and Charlie cuddling in the car. Too cute! Until next time!





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Last Week’s Tails from the Trailz!

I knew something was missing from this long weekend, and that was the prior week’s Tails from the Trailz! So, better late than never, I give you our newest installment of a glimpse at a week in the life of a GoDog.

Archie, Cali, and Mochi – the best of friends!





Monday morning the Scotts Valley trio was in good spirits and ready to tackle the sand hills of Scotts Valley with their good pal Kaylee.







It’s a pit bull par-tay! ;D







Dani had her own pit bull palooza out on the trails of Nisene – little Pogonip can’t keep her eyes off Cooper, and who can blame her? ;D Meanwhile poor Gloria continues to patiently tolerate the antics of her young friends.


It’s time to run!




On Tuesday new besties Oliver and Cali once again teamed up to race through Henry Cowell. Oliver occasionally gets in the mood for a brief puppy dance down the trail, but Cali stays focused 100% on the run…and the Squirrel Menace.



Don’t let those cute faces fool you… ;D



Speaking of classic duos, Pierre the french bulldog came back to the pack for a hike with his instant pal, Heidi-the-dog! These two had a little too much fun with their friend Hillary. ;D This, my friends, is what trouble looks like:

Toby is taking the lead!




Honorable duo mention? Toby and Flicker! These siblings are some of our smallest GoDogz, but they have no trouble keeping up with the big dogs.




Moses, Gromit, and Duchess – Operation Retriever Adventure!





Tuesday was a very photogenic day, so here’s one more of Team Retriever out enjoying the sun and the sights with Sean.









Moving on with the week…Wednesday Ricky Bobby was ready for his close-up with Kaylee…

Far too cool for posed photo ops.









…While Thursday Omar, Bronx and Gloria were all way too cool to look at the camera. ;D

The pack is back!









Also notable on Thursday? The reunion of the Original Westside Pack! Yes, Hoc is back and ready to hit the trails with his old pals Buddy and Tripp, plus newcomer Pogo. Here they are posing together before hitting the trails of Pogonip with Dani.

Reggie looking regal




Friday Hillary had some extra cuddle time with Reggie, and then managed to do something amazing: tire out Omar.ย Here’s photographic proof that it is possible!

Sleeping Omar










The aussie pack!






And finally,ย Dani took on the aussie pack (plus Pogo and Leika) for a fun, fast run at Henry Cowell. They were willing to take a short photo op break at the Overlook Bench.




Hope you all had a great long weekend – we are back on the trailz today and ready for more adventures!




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