Tails from the Trails

Pics from the Trailz!

Hot off the press, this week’s Tails from the Trailz returns with more pics!

Summer arrived in a big way this week, with temperatures climbing. Our GoDogz (and their walkers) all enjoyed the extra sunshine, incorporating more shade and water breaks to keep everyone cool and happy.

Duchess, Meadow, Cali, and Pickles cool off after their run


First up, Cali continued her adventures with the running pack, joining the aussies and little lab friend Duchess for some fun at DeLaVeaga!


These pups are working it!






On Tuesday, Moses took time out of his busy hiking schedule to strike a pose with his packmates out at Henry Cowell.

These two are the silliest! ;D







Hillary caught Omar and Bronx goofing around in the car – clearly these pups had some energy to burn. Good thing they were headed to the trails!

The super pack, dominating the trails of Henry Cowell!







After hiking with the big boys, Hillary picked up her next crew and joined Sean for a super pack hike at Henry Cowell. This was Huck’s first experience with a super pack – he’s growing up so fast!






I was reunited with the Soquel/Aptos crew for a beautiful hike through Nisene. This fearsome fivesome has been hiking together for years, each of them in perfect harmony, a cohesive dog pack.

Herbie, Penny, and Chelsea, 1/2 of the crew

Romeo and Juliette, part 2 of the Soquel pack!









These dogs are on a mission!



Wednesday the aussie pack was at it again, tearing it up on the trails of Henry Cowell.



“Hi, I’m Pearl!”



Also on Wednesday we welcomed new GoDog Pearl! She did great on her first hike with me and Hillary, exploring DeLaVeaga for the very first time. She’s a born trail dog!




Kaylee soaked up the sun first with her buddy Archie…

Happy girl. 🙂





…And then Kelly, who reveled in the warmth out at the harbor.


Cue dramatic movie score music…










On Thursday, Sean and his pack embarked on an epic adventure through the redwoods of Henry Cowell!

Cattle dog smiles!









Friday Ricky Bobby and Zoe were quite happy to explore the harbor and Arana Gulch with their pal Kaylee and their bff Kelly.

Treat break! Woo hoo!







While Hillary took her crew out to Nisene Marks, where Gloria was a model GoDog as she patiently tolerated the puppy antics of Heidi-the-dog, Bronx, and Huck. Lots of puppy energy!

Racing through the weekend! (Moses once again modeling 😉 )







Every week is a great week when you get to spend it in such fun company! Enjoy your weekend – we are already looking forward to Monday and another week full of adventures!








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Last Week at a Glance – Pics from the Trailz!

Last week we launched our first ever weekly round-up featuring a handful of our favorite pictures from that week’s GoDogz adventures. We’re continuing this with today’s newest installment of the week at a glance.

Gordy taking his Arizona road trip seriously. 😉



First of all, I forgot to say much thanks to the GoDogz team for covering while Sean and I took a road trip to Arizona last week so Sean could run the rim-to-rim-to-rim at the Grand Canyon. Also many thanks to all the GoDogz themselves who helped Sean train up for this event. 🙂

Doyle and Pickles share a moment.




This week started off in true GoDogz fashion with an aussie run at Henry Cowell.

Denali, Mochi, Cali and hounds waiting to hike!

Sean got to shake out his legs on the trails with this crew, before following it up with a hike with his second pack. Not pictured here is Archie, because he called shotgun for the drive. 😉

Okay, just kidding. That deserves a pic.




Tuesday morning Bolt got to hit the trails with his good pal, Ben.

Bolt loving the trails of Pogonip! 









What’s not to love? Instant BFFs!





On Wednesday Cali jumped in with the full running pack. She also joined new instant-best-friend Oliver for a run on Friday, easily making the transition from hiker to runner.


Twinsies! ;D




Thursday Hillary and Dani joined forces for a super pack hike at DeLaVeaga. One of the highlights? This photo op of Cooper and Dani’s new pup, Pogonip!


Sean and his pack



Friday Sean and I enjoyed the amazing weather for a pack run at Nisene with Ziva, Pickles, and the Pleasure Point trio! Here’s Sean with his pack: Zoe, Kelly, and Ricky Bobby. Photo bomb courtesy of Ziva. 😉




This is the face of a dog who loves to run. 








That’s all the space we have today, folks. I’ll leave you with this final picture of Pickles. Enjoy your weekend, and check back in next week for more Pics from the Trailz!



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Weekly round-up: Pics from the Trailz!

Of course our GoDogz are not only excellent hikers and runners, but they’re all also ridiculously good-looking. 😉 We decided this much beauty had to be shared with the world, so kick back and enjoy this first installment of our Weekly Round-Up!

Check back each week for new adventures – we’ll continue to share a handful of our favorite pictures from the previous week’s outings, fresh from the Trailz!

Meadow and Ciao are all smiles on their run



On Monday Kaylee tore down the trails of Henry Cowell with the aussie pack!

Doyle mugs for the camera.

Huck, Duchess, and Denali!












New GoDog Huck graduated up to his first ever pack hike, joining lab pals Duchess and Denali for a sunny hike at DeLaVeaga:

Pogonip and Oliver loving the sunshine






Pogo and Oliver are becoming quite the running BFFs! Although these pups have a need for speed, they were willing to pose for Dani at the Henry Cowell overlook bench. 🙂

Looks like a tired GoDog to me! 😉







Kaylee did her best to tire out Mawson with a hard run on Wednesday. Much thanks to his packmates Lola and Pickles for pounding those trails with him. 😉

The Pleasure Point Trio!







Ricky Bobby, Kelly, and Zoe (a.k.a. the Pleasure Point Trio) were loving life with Hillary at Anna Jean Cummings park Thursday.

That tongue, though… ;D



Buddy and Tripp are back! We missed this dynamic duo, and were happy to welcome them back to the GoDogz life.

Aww, sibling love.







Archie and Gordy, longtime BFFs.

And I’ll end this first round-up with a picture of two of our oldest GoDogz friends, Archie and Gordy. These two go way back, and have enjoyed more hikes and runs together than I can count. (Look closely and you’ll see their little pals Flicker and Toby chilling behind them… 😉 )








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The Adventures of Scout

Proud puppy



We met Scout when he was only about 5 months old, and already bursting with life and curiosity. His person told me he’d recently discovered how to open his kennel, and the other day she’d caught him pawing at a doorknob, trying to figure it out.


This German Shepherd/Husky mix was clearly too smart for his own good. And so much energy! He had the spirit of a true GoDog.

Fearless puppy!









Our first hike was at Arana Gulch and around the harbor. Scout was fearless! He was ready to tear down those trails and explore everything. He charmed everyone we passed with his constant doggie grin, and he won over our whole team with his exuberance.

Scout and Gordy – first hike together










His first GoDogz friend was Gordy, but he quickly made pals with many more.




Scout and lab friend Bronx!

Scout and BFF Heidi-the-dog!






Despite his puppy tendencies to instigate the other dogs into playing with him, they all grew to enjoy their time with Scout and his playful, fun-loving nature.







And Scout was always happiest hiking with a friend or two.



Sean with Scout and all his running buddies






Eventually, we began adding him to the running pack, where his thirst for adventure and desire to cover many miles made him the perfect runner. His favorite place to run? Over the hills and through the redwoods of Henry Cowell!





But he also enjoyed racing to the lighthouse and checking out his favorite beaches.






GoDog on the go!




No matter where he hiked or ran, Scout was always 100% ready to go, and 100% happy to be there.










Unfortunately, Scout passed away suddenly earlier this week. He went out the way he would have wanted, on one last grand adventure. I can picture him running still, tongue lolling out of his wide, doggie grin, tail up like a flag, always racing into that horizon. And I imagine he’ll be waiting there, across the rainbow bridge, eager to greet each new dog who joins him, and ready to teach them all what it means to be a GoDog.






We miss you, Scout. Rest in peace, our energetic friend, and enjoy your adventures on the other side of the rainbow bridge.



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Remembering Bentley

Younger Bentley

Younger Bentley


It’s never easy to say goodbye to a friend, especially one as gentle, happy, and loving as Bentley. We had the privilege of walking him for several years, and while he may have gotten a little more white in the face…

Bentley in more recent hikes

Bentley in more recent hikes




…his smile never changed.






Let's go!

Let’s go!



Every day when we drove up to get him, Bentley and his brother Joey would be waiting by the gate, ready to go. They would sprint to the car like a couple of puppies, eager for that day’s adventures.

Did you say "adventure"?

Did you say “adventure”?








Everyone loved Bentley – even dogs who didn’t particularly care for other dogs found themselves falling for his gentle charm. We could hike him with any pack, and he would immediately have a whole bunch of new best friends.







Bentley was an adventurer. He loved exploring the sights and smells of the trails…












…and the ocean…














…and more trails.











No matter where he went, he was excited to be there. Especially when he could share those places with friends.







The world lost a little piece of sunshine last week when Bentley took his final hike across the rainbow bridge. He is so very missed, and I’m just thankful for all the adventures we got to share with him. Rest in peace, old friend.



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Tails from the Trailz with Denali!





Meet Denali, a happy, energetic lab with a thirst for adventure! Denali joined the ranks of the GoDogz back in January, quickly becoming a fixture in the pack runs and hikes.



Denali with her "aussie pack" pals Doyle, Gordy, Ciao, and Dexter!

Denali with her “aussie pack” pals Doyle, Gordy, Ciao, and Dexter!








Like most labs, she’s a social pup, and is happiest when she’s surrounded by her friends on the trails.







As an ultra dog, she’s explored the redwoods of Nisene Marks, the sand hills of Henry Cowell, the trails of DeLeveaga, and, of course her own local Pogonip.

Denali and her friends posing by the Pogonip creek

Denali and her friends posing by the Pogonip creek


Henry Cowell Graham Hill loop - sprinting down the road to the Campground

Sprint to the finish!




Denali alternates between the running and hiking groups, and is happy in both, especially if she’s exploring a new trail. But she seems at her most joyous while running.







Happy siblings!

Happy siblings! Maggie fits right in. 😉




Sometimes Denali’s sister, Maggie, comes out for a visit. Family is very important to Denali, and she’s been quick to introduce Maggie to her friends and to the GoDogz lifestyle.





After a good, hard run or hike, Denali is quick to claim a good spot in the van and settle down for a post-workout nap. Sometimes with a bit of space…

Buddy and Denali, two content dogs

Ahh, relaxing after a run.













…and other times with no space at all.


Gomu does not believe in personal space.

Gomu does not believe in personal space.






at the Overlook bench_blog









Back at the house, Denali is always extra excited to see her family if they’re around. If not, she settles in and waits for them to get home so she can tell them about her day. Then it’s time to rest up for the next adventure.


Denali is very photogenic. For more cute pictures, check out her photo album on our Facebook page.



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Meet Zoya, Our Newest GoDog!

Here's Zoya!

Here’s Zoya!





Quick announcement – Gordy now has a sibling! Meet Zoya, a 3 month old corgi.







Zoya on the go_blog




Like all puppies, Zoya plays hard…





sleeping puppy_blog




…and then sleeps hard. 😉




Zoya immitating Gordy_blog



She’s already started looking up to Gordy and mimicking his behavior. We’re hoping only his good habits rub off!





Zoya is looking forward to meeting all the other GoDogz and eventually joining them for walks and runs once she’s older! For now, she’s still learning the ropes, getting used to walking on leash, and becoming adjusted to her new life as a GoDog, but we think she’ll fit right in. Welcome to the team, Zoya! 🙂


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Remembering Wallace

These 3 GoDogz are ready to walk!

These three GoDogz are ready to walk!



I first met Wallace a little over two years ago. Wallace was the first white boxer I’d ever seen, and with his striking appearance, and flanked by his two French bulldog siblings, Turtle and Wednesday, I always got smiles and comments when I walked this trio.


Happy boy

Happy boy






Wallace loved his walks. The moment I walked in the door, I could always hear him bark, excited to go, his stubby tail wagging furiously. A perfect gentleman, he’d patiently wait while I harnessed and leashed him and then his buddies, and then off we’d go.





Walking was serious business

“Why are we stopping?” 😉



Wallace was the best walker – he would trot along at my left side, never pulling, always stepping lightly. He was happy to do our normal loop down to west cliff and up along the park, but also just as happy to check out other routes. As long as he was out, he was content.


Such a cute pack!

Such a cute pack!




Wallace had a gentle nature – he was always careful to defer to his smaller siblings on the walks, letting them choose their places and then walking beside them. Earlier in his life, Wallace had a few run-ins with dogs who didn’t seem to like him, especially fluffy dogs, so he was cautious passing other dogs. Eventually though, we introduced him to Gordy, and after a tentative sniff, Wallace and Gordy gave each other the unspoken doggie sign of agreement and were happy to walk together as well.

Loving his toys

Loving his toys





After a walk, Wallace loved to spend a few minutes playing with his toys out on the deck, and would be thrilled any time his dog walker headed out there with him. He also enjoyed getting a little extra attention, and would lean in, loving any pats and hip scritches he could get.

Wallace and Wednesday sleeping back to back_blog





In the evenings, Wallace liked to make himself comfortable on the bed, where he was always joined by his pal Wednesday. Their favorite was when I’d put their blankets in the dryer for a few minutes and then tuck them in, nice and snug. 😉


Wallace and Wednesday cuddle on the chair_blog



Wednesday loved Wallace, and wherever he slept, that’s where she’d sleep, too.





Sadly, Wallace passed away earlier this week. He got to meet and spend some time with a new puppy sibling, and despite a few medical close-calls over the past couple of months, he managed to shake off any set-backs, greeting the next day with extra enthusiasm, so grateful to spend a little more time with his family.


I’ve never met another dog quite like Wallace, so gentle, so content in everything: his walks, his playtime, even just relaxing next to you on the couch. I will miss the way he enthusiastically greeted me at the door every time, and I’m so glad we got to spend the past two years with him.

Rest in peace, Wallace. We are all going to miss you so much, and are grateful for all the wonderful walks we had with you. Thank you for touching our lives.



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Smokey and Freyja’s Adventures Continued!

happy GoDogz_blog



Earlier this week we introduced you to Smokey and Freyja, two of our ultra-running GoDogz. Their story continues in this second installment.


Freyja and Smokey have a whispered conversation behind Gordy's back ;)

SMOKEY: What do you think? FREYJA: Eh, he seems okay… 😉





Soon after we began running Smokey and Freyja, we decided to introduce them to Gordy and see how they liked running with friends.


Gordy joins Smokey and Freyja

Gordy joins Smokey and Freyja








The verdict? Gordy was in! One of their favorite games became “chase the Gordy,” where Gordy would run up ahead, and Smokey, Freyja, and I would run after him, sprinting up and down the rolling hills of Nisene Marks. Soon Gordy became a regular on the Smokey and Freyja runs, and we decided it was time to introduce them to some other great dogs.

Such a cute trio!

Such a cute trio!


Ziva, Freyja, and Smokey wait for their mid-run treat.

Ziva, Freyja, and Smokey wait for their mid-run treat.














Their first official GoDogz friend after Gordy was Ziva! A regular at Nisene Marks, Ziva was very excited to share her favorite trails with her new friends. Their favorite run together was up and down the rolling hills of the Split Stuff trail. Despite their obvious size differences, these three quickly fell into a familiar running rhythm, becoming their own happy Aptos pack.


Clearly Smokey and Freyja were both social runners, enjoying the combination of the thrill of the run plus the company of other dogs, so we began including them in pack runs all over Santa Cruz county so they could enjoy the redwoods of their local Nisene Marks:

Nisene Marks pack run!

Nisene Marks pack run!

Photo op in Pogonip

Photo op in Pogonip





the meadows of Pogonip:










and Sean’s favorite, the hills of Henry Cowell:

Racing through Henry Cowell!

Racing through Henry Cowell!



Such a cute pack of wet dogs. ;)

Such a cute pack of wet dogs. 😉






















Rain or shine, these pups were ready to go!



Best buds

Best buds





No matter where we brought them, one thing remained constant, and that was their sheer love of the adventure. Smokey and Freyja could almost always be found running side by side, happy to share the trails with their new GoDogz pals, but even more, happy to share them with each other.

Bon voyage!

Bon voyage!



Recently Smokey and Freyja embarked on a big adventure, moving out to Southern California. While we all miss them here, I’m sure they’re bringing their GoDogz spirit with them, exploring new trails and racing each other across the beach, infusing each day with their love of adventure.

Happy trails to you! Until we meet again. 🙂


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Tails from the Trailz with Smokey and Freyja!

Here's Freyja!

Here’s Freyja!



Meet Freyja, a young miniature Spitz. Confident and easy-going, Freyja loves other dogs, especially her pal, Smokey!


And Smokey!

And Smokey!






Smokey, an Alaskan Klee Kai, is a little younger than Freyja, but does his best to boss her around when she lets him. He’s small in size but big in personality! 😉

Smokey decides Heidi's not so bad

Smokey decides Heidi’s not so bad






Our first run together was a little over a year ago. When I first arrived, Freyja cheerfully met me at the door, ready to go. Smokey was a little bit unsure, but after running down the trails of Nisene Marks together, all three of us were good pals. From then on, whenever I came to the house Smokey would race his sister to be the first one leashed and out the door.


Freyja and Smokey know they're going somewhere fun!

Freyja and Smokey know they’re going somewhere fun!




A typical outing with these two would go like this: we’d show up at the house, and Smokey and Freyja would serenade us, excited to run. They’d race to the car, Smokey nudging Freyja along the way, and hop inside. On the car ride to the trails, Freyja loved to stick her nose out the window and feel the breeze on her face, while Smokey would usually curl up on the seat, saving his energy.



A couple of GoDogz on the go!

A couple of GoDogz on the go!



As soon as we parked the car, the pups would be ready to go! At the start of the run, Smokey and Freyja liked to cut around each other, battling for the superior position on the outside, until finally they would settle into their places and focus on running.


toy tug of war_blog



On the car ride back, they’d be mellow and relaxed, but the moment we got home they would race each other around the house, looking for their parents and wrestling or playing tug-of-war with one of their toys.



Come play with us!

Come play with us!





Eventually, though, their hour on the trails would catch up to them and they’d relax. Our goal was always to turn this:







Into this:

Sleepy puppies

Sleepy puppies






Stay tuned…this is just Part 1! Smokey & Freyja’s adventures continue in Part 2…coming soon!





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