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Pics from the Trailz!

Hot off the press, this week’s Tails from the Trailz returns with more pics!

Summer arrived in a big way this week, with temperatures climbing. Our GoDogz (and their walkers) all enjoyed the extra sunshine, incorporating more shade and water breaks to keep everyone cool and happy.

Duchess, Meadow, Cali, and Pickles cool off after their run


First up, Cali continued her adventures with the running pack, joining the aussies and little lab friend Duchess for some fun at DeLaVeaga!


These pups are working it!






On Tuesday, Moses took time out of his busy hiking schedule to strike a pose with his packmates out at Henry Cowell.

These two are the silliest! ;D







Hillary caught Omar and Bronx goofing around in the car – clearly these pups had some energy to burn. Good thing they were headed to the trails!

The super pack, dominating the trails of Henry Cowell!







After hiking with the big boys, Hillary picked up her next crew and joined Sean for a super pack hike at Henry Cowell. This was Huck’s first experience with a super pack – he’s growing up so fast!






I was reunited with the Soquel/Aptos crew for a beautiful hike through Nisene. This fearsome fivesome has been hiking together for years, each of them in perfect harmony, a cohesive dog pack.

Herbie, Penny, and Chelsea, 1/2 of the crew

Romeo and Juliette, part 2 of the Soquel pack!









These dogs are on a mission!



Wednesday the aussie pack was at it again, tearing it up on the trails of Henry Cowell.



“Hi, I’m Pearl!”



Also on Wednesday we welcomed new GoDog Pearl! She did great on her first hike with me and Hillary, exploring DeLaVeaga for the very first time. She’s a born trail dog!




Kaylee soaked up the sun first with her buddy Archie…

Happy girl. 🙂





…And then Kelly, who reveled in the warmth out at the harbor.


Cue dramatic movie score music…










On Thursday, Sean and his pack embarked on an epic adventure through the redwoods of Henry Cowell!

Cattle dog smiles!









Friday Ricky Bobby and Zoe were quite happy to explore the harbor and Arana Gulch with their pal Kaylee and their bff Kelly.

Treat break! Woo hoo!







While Hillary took her crew out to Nisene Marks, where Gloria was a model GoDog as she patiently tolerated the puppy antics of Heidi-the-dog, Bronx, and Huck. Lots of puppy energy!

Racing through the weekend! (Moses once again modeling 😉 )







Every week is a great week when you get to spend it in such fun company! Enjoy your weekend – we are already looking forward to Monday and another week full of adventures!








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Last Week at a Glance – Pics from the Trailz!

Last week we launched our first ever weekly round-up featuring a handful of our favorite pictures from that week’s GoDogz adventures. We’re continuing this with today’s newest installment of the week at a glance.

Gordy taking his Arizona road trip seriously. 😉



First of all, I forgot to say much thanks to the GoDogz team for covering while Sean and I took a road trip to Arizona last week so Sean could run the rim-to-rim-to-rim at the Grand Canyon. Also many thanks to all the GoDogz themselves who helped Sean train up for this event. 🙂

Doyle and Pickles share a moment.




This week started off in true GoDogz fashion with an aussie run at Henry Cowell.

Denali, Mochi, Cali and hounds waiting to hike!

Sean got to shake out his legs on the trails with this crew, before following it up with a hike with his second pack. Not pictured here is Archie, because he called shotgun for the drive. 😉

Okay, just kidding. That deserves a pic.




Tuesday morning Bolt got to hit the trails with his good pal, Ben.

Bolt loving the trails of Pogonip! 









What’s not to love? Instant BFFs!





On Wednesday Cali jumped in with the full running pack. She also joined new instant-best-friend Oliver for a run on Friday, easily making the transition from hiker to runner.


Twinsies! ;D




Thursday Hillary and Dani joined forces for a super pack hike at DeLaVeaga. One of the highlights? This photo op of Cooper and Dani’s new pup, Pogonip!


Sean and his pack



Friday Sean and I enjoyed the amazing weather for a pack run at Nisene with Ziva, Pickles, and the Pleasure Point trio! Here’s Sean with his pack: Zoe, Kelly, and Ricky Bobby. Photo bomb courtesy of Ziva. 😉




This is the face of a dog who loves to run. 








That’s all the space we have today, folks. I’ll leave you with this final picture of Pickles. Enjoy your weekend, and check back in next week for more Pics from the Trailz!



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Tails from the Trailz with Denali!





Meet Denali, a happy, energetic lab with a thirst for adventure! Denali joined the ranks of the GoDogz back in January, quickly becoming a fixture in the pack runs and hikes.



Denali with her "aussie pack" pals Doyle, Gordy, Ciao, and Dexter!

Denali with her “aussie pack” pals Doyle, Gordy, Ciao, and Dexter!








Like most labs, she’s a social pup, and is happiest when she’s surrounded by her friends on the trails.







As an ultra dog, she’s explored the redwoods of Nisene Marks, the sand hills of Henry Cowell, the trails of DeLeveaga, and, of course her own local Pogonip.

Denali and her friends posing by the Pogonip creek

Denali and her friends posing by the Pogonip creek


Henry Cowell Graham Hill loop - sprinting down the road to the Campground

Sprint to the finish!




Denali alternates between the running and hiking groups, and is happy in both, especially if she’s exploring a new trail. But she seems at her most joyous while running.







Happy siblings!

Happy siblings! Maggie fits right in. 😉




Sometimes Denali’s sister, Maggie, comes out for a visit. Family is very important to Denali, and she’s been quick to introduce Maggie to her friends and to the GoDogz lifestyle.





After a good, hard run or hike, Denali is quick to claim a good spot in the van and settle down for a post-workout nap. Sometimes with a bit of space…

Buddy and Denali, two content dogs

Ahh, relaxing after a run.













…and other times with no space at all.


Gomu does not believe in personal space.

Gomu does not believe in personal space.






at the Overlook bench_blog









Back at the house, Denali is always extra excited to see her family if they’re around. If not, she settles in and waits for them to get home so she can tell them about her day. Then it’s time to rest up for the next adventure.


Denali is very photogenic. For more cute pictures, check out her photo album on our Facebook page.



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Smokey and Freyja’s Adventures Continued!

happy GoDogz_blog



Earlier this week we introduced you to Smokey and Freyja, two of our ultra-running GoDogz. Their story continues in this second installment.


Freyja and Smokey have a whispered conversation behind Gordy's back ;)

SMOKEY: What do you think? FREYJA: Eh, he seems okay… 😉





Soon after we began running Smokey and Freyja, we decided to introduce them to Gordy and see how they liked running with friends.


Gordy joins Smokey and Freyja

Gordy joins Smokey and Freyja








The verdict? Gordy was in! One of their favorite games became “chase the Gordy,” where Gordy would run up ahead, and Smokey, Freyja, and I would run after him, sprinting up and down the rolling hills of Nisene Marks. Soon Gordy became a regular on the Smokey and Freyja runs, and we decided it was time to introduce them to some other great dogs.

Such a cute trio!

Such a cute trio!


Ziva, Freyja, and Smokey wait for their mid-run treat.

Ziva, Freyja, and Smokey wait for their mid-run treat.














Their first official GoDogz friend after Gordy was Ziva! A regular at Nisene Marks, Ziva was very excited to share her favorite trails with her new friends. Their favorite run together was up and down the rolling hills of the Split Stuff trail. Despite their obvious size differences, these three quickly fell into a familiar running rhythm, becoming their own happy Aptos pack.


Clearly Smokey and Freyja were both social runners, enjoying the combination of the thrill of the run plus the company of other dogs, so we began including them in pack runs all over Santa Cruz county so they could enjoy the redwoods of their local Nisene Marks:

Nisene Marks pack run!

Nisene Marks pack run!

Photo op in Pogonip

Photo op in Pogonip





the meadows of Pogonip:










and Sean’s favorite, the hills of Henry Cowell:

Racing through Henry Cowell!

Racing through Henry Cowell!



Such a cute pack of wet dogs. ;)

Such a cute pack of wet dogs. 😉






















Rain or shine, these pups were ready to go!



Best buds

Best buds





No matter where we brought them, one thing remained constant, and that was their sheer love of the adventure. Smokey and Freyja could almost always be found running side by side, happy to share the trails with their new GoDogz pals, but even more, happy to share them with each other.

Bon voyage!

Bon voyage!



Recently Smokey and Freyja embarked on a big adventure, moving out to Southern California. While we all miss them here, I’m sure they’re bringing their GoDogz spirit with them, exploring new trails and racing each other across the beach, infusing each day with their love of adventure.

Happy trails to you! Until we meet again. 🙂


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Tails from the Trailz with Pickles!

Happy Pickles!

Happy Pickles!

Meet Pickles, an adorable GoDog with plenty of energy!


Pickles racing Allison

Pickles says, “Let’s go!”









Pickles likes to meet us at the door, ready to run! After she’s leashed, she’ll dance around, and then gallup full speed down the hall, daring her GoDogz runner to keep up! 😉


First meeting with Gordy

First meeting with Gordy





Pickles is a social runner, and is always happiest when she has a friend along. She met Gordy early on, and the two quickly bonded over their shared love of the big things in life: Trails and Treats.


Pickles waiting to run with her pals, Trip and Gordy

Pickles waiting to run with her  pals, Trip and Gordy






Since then she has developed a whole string of canine BFFs, like Allison’s dog, Nitsii, and her neighborhood running pal, Trip.






After several months of shorter runs, Pickles decided it was time to up her game and become an ultra dog. In addition to the shorter runs, she now joins the pack once a week for an hour run on the trails.


Pickles joins the Pogonip Patrol!

Pickles joins the Pogonip Patrol!

Typically, Pickles will trot along near the back, until she gets a sudden burst of energy and zooms ahead, doing her galloping prancing run as she races the other dogs full speed down the trail before settling back into her trot again.

Pickles keeping her eyes on the prize!

Pickles keeping her eyes on the prize!




She is quick to stop for her treat break and sit for her treat, although not always patient when the treat is in sight! 😉




owning the trail

Owning the trail






Pickles is not the biggest fan of Westcliff, but she enjoys the local trails at Lighthouse Field. Still, her favorite paws down is to go on a field trip to some exciting trails. She’s visited Pogonip, Henry Cowell, and Nisene Marks, and has owned all those trails!



It's a ruff life. ;)

It’s a ruff life. 😉

After the run, Pickles likes to sprint down the hall again to her home, especially if she knows her mama is waiting for her inside. 😉  Then it’s time to kick back and relax until her next GoDogz adventure.






For more cute pictures, check out our GoDogz Facebook page!




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Aya’s Tails from the Trailz

Tails from the Trailz are back, and we’re hitting the ground running in 2013 with our newest GoDog:

Look at that GoDog!


Meet Aya! She’s a 3-year-old ridgeless Rhodesian mix who loves to run so much, she’s joining our exclusive ultra club and spending an hour out there on the trails.  She’s a dog of many talents – when she’s not running, she’s blogging.  You can follow her at

Sean and I took Aya out on her first ultra adventure with us earlier this week.  She was a little nervous at the start, but as soon as we started running her tail stuck out, her mouth opened in a big doggie grin and she was off!

Bear Mountain!



We raced along some fun single track, ending up at Bear Mountain before heading down the trail through Roaring Camp Railroads and into Henry Cowell, then along Pipeline Road.

We took a short break down next to the river where Aya was very excited to get a tasty treat.  Then it was time to run, this time up a decent amount of hill-climbing.  Aya didn’t let the elevation slow her down, though, and before too long we were back at Bear Mountain.  Then it was just a short run to the car and some water for Aya.

Aya looking happy after her run


After the run, Aya gave both Sean and me kisses, and I knew we were well on our way to being GoDogz pals.  🙂

For more cute pictures of Aya and our other GoDogz, don’t forget to check out our facebook page!


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Aussie Adventure!

the pep talk

On Friday Sean and I found ourselves with some extra time, so we decided it was time for an aussie adventure! We loaded Gordy up in the car and picked up two of his favorite GoDogz pals – Nora and Doyle! Then it was off to Henry Cowell for an ultra-run!

First Sean gave all the pups a pep talk about the trails to come.  “Our goal,” he explained carefully, “is to reach the observation deck.”  Then we were off, winding our way down single track.

running side-by-side-by-side…


The three pups liked running side-by-side, but eventually they realized the path wasn’t quite wide enough for that.  Soon it was Gordy and Doyle neck-and-neck for the lead, with Nora trotting along politely next to Sean.

teacher Sean





We came to a break in the trees and stopped to look at the sign, where Sean gave the dogs another lesson.  “See? This is where we’re going.”  Then we were off, through the winding trees, up some hills, until we finally stopped for a moment in a clearing for a quick water and treat break.

my turn to run with the pups!



More trails…


Puppy love at the observation deck

Eventually, though, we made it…the observation deck! All three dogs were very excited to stop and take in the scenery.  Soon, though, it was time to get moving again.  After all, we were only halfway through our super run…


Even more trails.  All three pups seemed a little tired now, but still enthusiastic.  Like any true GoDogz, they wanted to see this adventure through to the end.

Finally, we made it back to the car and some well-deserved water and treats.  What a run!





We took lots of pictures – check them out on our facebook page!



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Rula’s Tails from the Trailz!

Silly Rula!

Meet Rula, a young Swiss Mountain Dog!

Rula is always so happy to see me because she knows it’s walking time! When I let her out of the yard, she bounds past me, turns at the gate, and bounds back exuberantly, barely sitting still long enough for me to leash her.

Once on the leash, however, Rula immediately calms down and walks like a perfect little angel, keeping pace.  Her head is right at hand height, so I can pet her easily while still walking – a nice benefit to being with such a good-sized dog.  🙂  The only complications are when her feline buddy, Oswald, decides he wants to walk as well.

Dog and cat walk


I always know Oswald is behind us because Rula starts doing a kind of sideways dance, trying to go say hi to him.  She gets very excited and wants to play while walking, which can make our outing a little more interesting.  Still, eventually we reorganize, and Rula and I walk while Oswald jumps and leaps and trots along behind and next to us.

It's tug-of-war time, right? Right?



On the days that Oswald sleeps in, Rula and I usually explore Pogonip, or take the nearby path into Harvey West.  Otherwise, there are plenty of nice streets to wander and neighborhoods to walk through.  No matter where we go, Rula always looks content just to be outdoors and walking.

Once back at the house, it’s time for a good brushing.  Rula usually turns around in circles, leaning into the brush.  Afterwards, she tries to interest me in a nice game of tug-of-war with her favorite toy.

Hey! When's our next walk?



When I leave, sometimes Rula jumps up and watches me go over the gate.  It’s hard to leave with those huge puppy eyes on me, but she knows I’ll be back.  Until next time, Rula!

For more cute pictures of Rula and the rest of our GoDogz pack, check out our facebook page!

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One does not simply walk…to the river

What a happy water dog!

Recently Nora and Doyle dragged Sean on a super run through the trails of Henry Cowell.  At the start, the three of them had one goal and only one goal: get to the river!

There was only one way to get there in time, and that was to run, run, run! At one point, Nora took the lead, racing ahead with a huge doggy grin on her face as she proclaimed that she was queen of the trail! Twisting around single tracks, flying over roots and up and down hills, the two aussies brought Sean successfully down to the water.

Doyle dipping in a paw

Nora plunged right in, looking like the happiest water dog in the world, while Doyle hovered cautiously around the edge, putting in one paw, then another, then slowly, carefully easing his way farther into the river.  Doyle is only ever cautious when it comes to water; when it comes to running, jumping, or meeting other interesting dogs on the trail, he is 100% for it 100% of the time.  Still, he looked pretty happy in the shallows, and might be a water dog yet.  🙂

Doyle, Sean, and Nora flying back along the trail



After leaving the river, the three of them had an even bigger challenge: the climb back away from the river.  Luckily they were all up for it, making excellent time back to the main path before flying down it to meet me on their way back to the car.

On the drive back home, Sean gave himself a pat on the back for a job well done as both aussies curled up together in the back seat for a much-deserved doggy nap.  As always, check out our facebook page for more pictures of their river adventure!

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Tails from the Trailz with Nora & Doyle!

Nora and Doyle reminded me that they’re still waiting to see their story so, without further delay, here’s a Tailz from two very exceptional GoDogz!

Nora and Doyle, leashed and ready to run!

There’s nothing quite like running with a pack of aussies, and Nora and Doyle are two of the best! Every run starts off the same way: I show up and Doyle starts jumping straight up into the air in his dog run.  He looks almost like a yo-yo, flying up a good five plus feet each time, a huge doggie grin on his face.  His buddy Nora runs back and forth behind him, barking excitedly.

When I let them out, I’m practically stampeded by a flood of enthusiastic dog as each attempts to be leashed first, but eventually we get ourselves sorted and head out to the car, and then it’s time to hit the trails at Henry Cowell!

Full speed ahead!

The first downhill on Pipeline road is always a little crazy, with Nora and Doyle charging full speed ahead, but later in the run, Nora usually drops back to run at heel on my left hand side, while Doyle continues sprinting as much as possible.  Sometimes he’ll be at heel, but it takes a while until he starts to get tired.

Sean running with Nora and Doyle








We usually stop for a quick water and treat break at the lookout bench, where we can admire the beautiful view.  Doyle always insists on getting his water first, and Nora patiently moves out of his way.  If I try to give each of them water at the same time, it doesn’t work – they only want to drink out of the same bottle as each other.

Me with my GoDogz pals

After a little more hill work, we turn around and run back, enjoying the fact that it’s mostly downhill on our return trip, until that final hill.  Then I rely on my super aussie power to motor me up, and the three of us climb up and over, racing back down to the car.

At the car, it’s time for some water and another treat.  Both dogs sit very nicely for me, waiting for their snack.  Then it’s back in the car, where they usually curl up together, their eyes half-closed and expressions content, and I know I’ve done my job.

These dogs are super photogenic – check out our facebook page for lots more cute pictures!

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