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Pics from the Trailz!

Hot off the press, this week’s Tails from the Trailz returns with more pics!

Summer arrived in a big way this week, with temperatures climbing. Our GoDogz (and their walkers) all enjoyed the extra sunshine, incorporating more shade and water breaks to keep everyone cool and happy.

Duchess, Meadow, Cali, and Pickles cool off after their run


First up, Cali continued her adventures with the running pack, joining the aussies and little lab friend Duchess for some fun at DeLaVeaga!


These pups are working it!






On Tuesday, Moses took time out of his busy hiking schedule to strike a pose with his packmates out at Henry Cowell.

These two are the silliest! ;D







Hillary caught Omar and Bronx goofing around in the car – clearly these pups had some energy to burn. Good thing they were headed to the trails!

The super pack, dominating the trails of Henry Cowell!







After hiking with the big boys, Hillary picked up her next crew and joined Sean for a super pack hike at Henry Cowell. This was Huck’s first experience with a super pack – he’s growing up so fast!






I was reunited with the Soquel/Aptos crew for a beautiful hike through Nisene. This fearsome fivesome has been hiking together for years, each of them in perfect harmony, a cohesive dog pack.

Herbie, Penny, and Chelsea, 1/2 of the crew

Romeo and Juliette, part 2 of the Soquel pack!









These dogs are on a mission!



Wednesday the aussie pack was at it again, tearing it up on the trails of Henry Cowell.



“Hi, I’m Pearl!”



Also on Wednesday we welcomed new GoDog Pearl! She did great on her first hike with me and Hillary, exploring DeLaVeaga for the very first time. She’s a born trail dog!




Kaylee soaked up the sun first with her buddy Archie…

Happy girl. 🙂





…And then Kelly, who reveled in the warmth out at the harbor.


Cue dramatic movie score music…










On Thursday, Sean and his pack embarked on an epic adventure through the redwoods of Henry Cowell!

Cattle dog smiles!









Friday Ricky Bobby and Zoe were quite happy to explore the harbor and Arana Gulch with their pal Kaylee and their bff Kelly.

Treat break! Woo hoo!







While Hillary took her crew out to Nisene Marks, where Gloria was a model GoDog as she patiently tolerated the puppy antics of Heidi-the-dog, Bronx, and Huck. Lots of puppy energy!

Racing through the weekend! (Moses once again modeling 😉 )







Every week is a great week when you get to spend it in such fun company! Enjoy your weekend – we are already looking forward to Monday and another week full of adventures!








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Last Week at a Glance – Pics from the Trailz!

Last week we launched our first ever weekly round-up featuring a handful of our favorite pictures from that week’s GoDogz adventures. We’re continuing this with today’s newest installment of the week at a glance.

Gordy taking his Arizona road trip seriously. 😉



First of all, I forgot to say much thanks to the GoDogz team for covering while Sean and I took a road trip to Arizona last week so Sean could run the rim-to-rim-to-rim at the Grand Canyon. Also many thanks to all the GoDogz themselves who helped Sean train up for this event. 🙂

Doyle and Pickles share a moment.




This week started off in true GoDogz fashion with an aussie run at Henry Cowell.

Denali, Mochi, Cali and hounds waiting to hike!

Sean got to shake out his legs on the trails with this crew, before following it up with a hike with his second pack. Not pictured here is Archie, because he called shotgun for the drive. 😉

Okay, just kidding. That deserves a pic.




Tuesday morning Bolt got to hit the trails with his good pal, Ben.

Bolt loving the trails of Pogonip! 









What’s not to love? Instant BFFs!





On Wednesday Cali jumped in with the full running pack. She also joined new instant-best-friend Oliver for a run on Friday, easily making the transition from hiker to runner.


Twinsies! ;D




Thursday Hillary and Dani joined forces for a super pack hike at DeLaVeaga. One of the highlights? This photo op of Cooper and Dani’s new pup, Pogonip!


Sean and his pack



Friday Sean and I enjoyed the amazing weather for a pack run at Nisene with Ziva, Pickles, and the Pleasure Point trio! Here’s Sean with his pack: Zoe, Kelly, and Ricky Bobby. Photo bomb courtesy of Ziva. 😉




This is the face of a dog who loves to run. 








That’s all the space we have today, folks. I’ll leave you with this final picture of Pickles. Enjoy your weekend, and check back in next week for more Pics from the Trailz!



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Farewell, Penny Lane!

Penny convinces Sean to play

Penny convinces Sean to play



Penny Lane recently moved back to the East Coast. All of us on Team GoDogz are missing our Penny walks, so we decided to send her off in true GoDogz style by taking a look back at some of our favorite moments with her.


We welcomed in 2012 with a New Year’s slumber party together. Penny Lane quickly decided Sean was her favorite person and spent a good part of the evening bringing him every single toy she owned.





Sunset walk on West Cliff

Sunset walk on West Cliff





Later in the year we began walking her regularly, which we wrote about in her next installment of Tails from the Trailz.


Usually we did a nice loop along West Cliff drive. Penny always liked getting the sights and smells of the ocean.





penny & gordy_blog

“Easy there, buddy…”




Eventually we introduced her to Gordy. At first, Penny was a little unsure about him…





Gordy and Penny Lane_blog



…but soon enough they became good GoDogz pals. 🙂







Rainy day Penny!

Rainy day Penny!





Here on the blog we talked about Penny Lane’s rainy day look


All you need is love... _blog







…but we can’t forget some of her other adorable outfits, like her Beatles shirt…

sporty sweatshirt_blog






…or her sporty sweatshirt. No matter the weather, Penny came prepared.


Over the past year and a half we had a number of Penny Lane slumber parties. Of course, that meant another Tails from the Trailz installment – so many cute pictures needed a home! 😉

Ahh, this is the life...

Ahh, this is the life…





One of her favorite things to do after a walk was lay outside on the porch, soaking up the sun.




Do you want to play with me?

Do you want to play with me?



Usually in the evenings she’d have another burst of energy and it would be time to play! Penny loved grabbing her favorite (or maybe least favorite?) stuffed animals and shaking them, making ferocious growling noises. She loved it even more if Sean or I would wrestle with them, too.

sleepy girl_blog






After her toys had been properly dealt with, Penny liked to curl up and take a nap. Like any true GoDog, she knew she’d need her rest so she’d be ready for another day of walks, play time, and fun!

What a GoDog!

What a GoDog!




Good luck at your new home, Penny Lane! We will miss you!



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Lola’s Tails from the Trailz

Can't say no to that face...

Can’t say no to that face…

We first met Lola when she was only a couple months old. As a puppy, she had a very serious “puppy face,” and she knew how to use it to her advantage.

A fast grower, it seemed like every time we saw her she had doubled in size. Soon she was bigger than Gordy!

Sean and Lola pose for the camera

Sean and Lola pose for the camera










Like most labs, Lola is very, very sweet – she loves the world and everyone in it, and nothing makes her happier than a walk, except maybe a walk with friends.



A typical walk with Lola goes something like this:

Walking through Seymour

Walking through Seymour


When we show up we can hear her tail wagging in her kennel, and we know she is ready to walk! Sometimes we’ll walk her on the Meder path, where she’s almost sure to meet a few other dogs out for their own walks.


Other times we’ll take her on a field trip – she really enjoys exploring the paths at Seymour Center, stopping to take in the ocean view along the way.

Lola meeting the pack

Lola meeting the pack








Another time we headed out to Pogonip where Lola got to be a true trail-hiking GoDog. Even better – Sean joined us there with a few GoDogz friends, so Lola got to be part of a whole GoDogz pack! She was very excited to meet everyone and spent the whole walk with a huge doggie grin on her face.




What's this? A lemon? Hmm...

What’s this? A lemon? Hmm…




After our walk, it’s time to go back to the house, where she gets a few minutes in the yard. As a young puppy she used to do a rocket-dog impression, racing around and around the yard as fast as she could go, ears back, tail streaming behind her. One time she stopped to investigate a fallen lemon. I watched as she picked it up in her mouth, then quickly dropped it, shaking her head at the bitter taste. 🙂

The yard? I love the yard!

The yard? I love the yard! Let’s play more…





Nowaways she assures me she’s much too mature and dignified to sprint like she used to, but she still enjoys roaming about the yard before going back inside.

Lola is happiest around others, so she always tries convincing me to stay just a little longer, but eventually she’ll go back in her kennel, where it’s time for her to rest up and recharge. What a GoDog!

Don’t forget to swing by our facebook page and check out Lola’s photo album!



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Tails from the Trailz with Topher, Tucker, and Daisy!

Here's Tucker!

Here’s Tucker!

Meet Topher and Tucker! They might be small, but they are large in GoDogz spirit!

Tucker is a high energy terrier mix. Not only does he love to walk, but he’s also quite the happy runner!

...and Topher!

…and Topher!




His pal Topher is a little more mellow, but still very eager to walk, and super sweet.









And meet their roommate, Daisy! A chiweenie, Daisy is never happier than when she’s walking…or getting a treat. The two best things in life. 😉





A typical outing with Topher and Tucker goes as follows:

Topher and Tucker on the go!

Topher and Tucker on the go!

We open the door and immediately Topher and Tucker are excited – like any true GoDogz, they love their walks and can’t wait to get started. Tucker is the most exuberant so we generally start with him, letting him out of his kennel first. He’ll usually bounce around the room like a furry ping-pong ball, letting out that initial burst of excitement, and then we’ll get him leashed and have him wait more-or-less patiently while we let Topher out.

Me and Tucker after his first GoDogz run

Me and Tucker after his first GoDogz run


Topher is also super excited to walk, but most of the time he’ll sit there relatively calmly while we get him harnessed and leashed. As soon as he’s clipped in, though, he’s quick to join his buddy and the two of them lead us out the door and outside.

At the start of the walk Tucker is so excited he’ll stand on his hind legs, walking like a little person as he urges us to go faster, faster! Topher trots alongside his pal, but he’s also happy to take his time a little more, enjoying the scenery.

We know we did our jobs when we bring them back inside and both dogs lie down, happy and calm and relaxed. After some water and a bit of TLC they go back in their kennels, there to wait until their family gets home.

Topher and Daisy are ready to walk!

Topher and Daisy are ready to walk!

Daisy lives in the room next door, and sometimes she gets to come along on a GoDogz walk as well. The first time I came to walk Daisy she was snug as a bug on the bed, all curled up in her nice warm blankets and none too thrilled when I woke her and pulled her harness over her head. One treat later, however, and she had forgiven me, and once her leash was on and she knew she was going for a walk, we were the best of friends.

Check out our facebook page for more pictures of this adorable trio!


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Bon Voyage Nalu and Potter!

We wanted to take a moment to say goodbye to two GoDogz, Nalu and Potter. We had many enjoyable walks and adventures with these two fun-loving labs and will miss them greatly, but we know they will be happy at their new home.

Meanwhile we thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane. Here are pictures from some of our past GoDogz adventures together:

Nalu and Potter loved their walks, but they especially loved going to the beach.

happy beach labs_blog

Nalu in the ocean_blog


Sometimes we wondered if Nalu was actually part seal…her name is Hawaiian for “surf,” which fits her so well!









Potter is named for that most famous of wizards. On our first walk together I told him, “You’re hairy, Potter.” Potter, of course, found it hilarious – it’s a well-known fact that labs have a great sense of humor. 😉






Gordy joins the pack_blog


Gordy eventually got to tag along on a Nalu and Potter walk – he was so excited! He always wanted to be a lab, and was accepted into their pack right away.




Potter and Gordy_blog





Potter was excited to have a buddy to play with on the beach. After all, Nalu’s usually busy swimming or searching for a ball. 😉










…The three enjoyed walking together, rain or shine…



…and hanging out together in the yard after their walks.

gordy and the labs in the yard_blog


happy Nalu walking home_blog


And we knew we had done our jobs right when we were able to turn this:











…into this:

Nalu is all tuckered out_blog


Bon Voyage Nalu and Potter_blog


Bon Voyage, Nalu and Potter! Until our trailz cross again!


You can read more about Nalu and Potter on their original Tails from the Trailz posts here, and here, and of course don’t forget to check out our GoDogz facebook page for more cute pics!


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Rainy Day Penny

True, the weather is beautiful now, but it isn’t always. That’s why Penny Lane is super prepared! Here she is modeling her rain jacket and adorable wet-hair look:

modeling her rainy-day hair style copy

Penny takes her GoDogz image seriously; a little rain certainly won’t slow her down. 🙂

rainy walk

walking in her jacket











Of course, her favorite days are nice and sunny…

soakin' in the sun_blog

We are on vacation until Wednesday, July 10th. Until then, enjoy our “GoDogz of Summer” posts!

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Even More Happy GoDogz

Yesterday in honor of Fourth of July we posted a series of happy GoDogz…well, we had so much fun looking at pictures and found so many excellent doggie grins that we decided to do another post with even more pictures. Enjoy!

happy Archie_blogHappy Aya_blog

happy beach labs - Nalu & Potter_blog




happy wolfling_bloghappy Jackie & Sally! _blog

Gordy and Charlie look at the camera, Jessie profile_blog

We are on vacation until Wednesday, July 10th. See you all then!

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Happy GoDogz!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! In honor of the holiday, enjoy our collection of GoDogz smiles!
talk about happy_blogsilly Turtle! _blog


happy penny! _blog
happy Luna_bloghappy Ziva posing by the ocean_blog

Happy Parker posing with Gordy_blog

Sunny and his lolling tongue_bloglago waiting_blog

happy Mojito_blog

Stay tuned for Part 2…even more doggie happiness, coming tomorrow!

We are on vacation until Wednesday, July 10th. Dog walks and runs will resume then. Enjoy your summer!

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Archie Times

While we’re on vacation, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of our GoDogz here on the blog.

Archie plays soccer by his own rules...

Archie plays soccer by his own rules…

First up is Archie!

Sean and I were just reminiscing about our first walks with Archie. When we started with this guy, we were taking him on long walks while he worked on his endurance. Eventually those walks just weren’t enough, so we switched to short runs every other day as he built up his running endurance. Then it became short runs every day in place of the walks, and still Archie kept improving, getting faster and running longer. So, longer runs every other day, then every day.

Archie posing dramatically

Archie posing dramatically





Archie is such a handsome dog – just look at that face!






See Sean and Archie run!

See Sean and Archie run!


Sometimes Sean will take Archie out to Henry Cowell where they can really cut loose and put on the speed, doing 6 minute miles as they fly downhill. Other days they wind their way around the neighborhood. And last summer, we spent a week running Archie on the beach. He was so happy to sprint across the sand, then dive into the waves.


No matter where he runs, Archie is a happy pup – a true GoDog for sure!

Just two happy GoDogz

Just two happy GoDogz




Once in a while Gordy will tag along. Archie and Gordy might not have a close friendship, but they both love Sean, and so they’ve learned to respect each other while running. It’s cute – they will steal small sniffs and looks, but will give each other space otherwise.



And…Archie’s picture is up on the Santa Cruz Yoga website now, too! Sean is now teaching there, and until he could send in a more official picture, the studio owner pulled one off our website to use. You might recognize it from this post here. It was supposed to be temporary, but he decided he liked it too much to take it down. Take a look at the upper right hand corner… 😉


content Archie after a run

What a happy GoDog!

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