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The Adventures of Scout

Proud puppy



We met Scout when he was only about 5 months old, and already bursting with life and curiosity. His person told me he’d recently discovered how to open his kennel, and the other day she’d caught him pawing at a doorknob, trying to figure it out.


This German Shepherd/Husky mix was clearly too smart for his own good. And so much energy! He had the spirit of a true GoDog.

Fearless puppy!









Our first hike was at Arana Gulch and around the harbor. Scout was fearless! He was ready to tear down those trails and explore everything. He charmed everyone we passed with his constant doggie grin, and he won over our whole team with his exuberance.

Scout and Gordy – first hike together










His first GoDogz friend was Gordy, but he quickly made pals with many more.




Scout and lab friend Bronx!

Scout and BFF Heidi-the-dog!






Despite his puppy tendencies to instigate the other dogs into playing with him, they all grew to enjoy their time with Scout and his playful, fun-loving nature.







And Scout was always happiest hiking with a friend or two.



Sean with Scout and all his running buddies






Eventually, we began adding him to the running pack, where his thirst for adventure and desire to cover many miles made him the perfect runner. His favorite place to run? Over the hills and through the redwoods of Henry Cowell!





But he also enjoyed racing to the lighthouse and checking out his favorite beaches.






GoDog on the go!




No matter where he hiked or ran, Scout was always 100% ready to go, and 100% happy to be there.










Unfortunately, Scout passed away suddenly earlier this week. He went out the way he would have wanted, on one last grand adventure. I can picture him running still, tongue lolling out of his wide, doggie grin, tail up like a flag, always racing into that horizon. And I imagine he’ll be waiting there, across the rainbow bridge, eager to greet each new dog who joins him, and ready to teach them all what it means to be a GoDog.






We miss you, Scout. Rest in peace, our energetic friend, and enjoy your adventures on the other side of the rainbow bridge.



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Remembering Wallace

These 3 GoDogz are ready to walk!

These three GoDogz are ready to walk!



I first met Wallace a little over two years ago. Wallace was the first white boxer I’d ever seen, and with his striking appearance, and flanked by his two French bulldog siblings, Turtle and Wednesday, I always got smiles and comments when I walked this trio.


Happy boy

Happy boy






Wallace loved his walks. The moment I walked in the door, I could always hear him bark, excited to go, his stubby tail wagging furiously. A perfect gentleman, he’d patiently wait while I harnessed and leashed him and then his buddies, and then off we’d go.





Walking was serious business

“Why are we stopping?” 😉



Wallace was the best walker – he would trot along at my left side, never pulling, always stepping lightly. He was happy to do our normal loop down to west cliff and up along the park, but also just as happy to check out other routes. As long as he was out, he was content.


Such a cute pack!

Such a cute pack!




Wallace had a gentle nature – he was always careful to defer to his smaller siblings on the walks, letting them choose their places and then walking beside them. Earlier in his life, Wallace had a few run-ins with dogs who didn’t seem to like him, especially fluffy dogs, so he was cautious passing other dogs. Eventually though, we introduced him to Gordy, and after a tentative sniff, Wallace and Gordy gave each other the unspoken doggie sign of agreement and were happy to walk together as well.

Loving his toys

Loving his toys





After a walk, Wallace loved to spend a few minutes playing with his toys out on the deck, and would be thrilled any time his dog walker headed out there with him. He also enjoyed getting a little extra attention, and would lean in, loving any pats and hip scritches he could get.

Wallace and Wednesday sleeping back to back_blog





In the evenings, Wallace liked to make himself comfortable on the bed, where he was always joined by his pal Wednesday. Their favorite was when I’d put their blankets in the dryer for a few minutes and then tuck them in, nice and snug. 😉


Wallace and Wednesday cuddle on the chair_blog



Wednesday loved Wallace, and wherever he slept, that’s where she’d sleep, too.





Sadly, Wallace passed away earlier this week. He got to meet and spend some time with a new puppy sibling, and despite a few medical close-calls over the past couple of months, he managed to shake off any set-backs, greeting the next day with extra enthusiasm, so grateful to spend a little more time with his family.


I’ve never met another dog quite like Wallace, so gentle, so content in everything: his walks, his playtime, even just relaxing next to you on the couch. I will miss the way he enthusiastically greeted me at the door every time, and I’m so glad we got to spend the past two years with him.

Rest in peace, Wallace. We are all going to miss you so much, and are grateful for all the wonderful walks we had with you. Thank you for touching our lives.



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Johnson’s Tails from the Trailz

Such a handsome goldie

Such a handsome goldie


I first met Johnson almost exactly a year ago – I can still remember how excited his owner was to adopt him, and Sean and I headed over to meet this friendly golden retriever and welcome him to the GoDogz pack. Johnson came from Taiwan through the NorCal Golden Retriever Rescue. I don’t know what his life was like before he came to Santa Cruz, but every day we saw him he seemed filled with a quiet contentment, and was obviously so grateful for his new family’s love and care, and for his new lease on life right next to the ocean.


Johnson loving Lighthouse Field

Johnson loving Lighthouse Field


Johnson was a GoDog in spirit through and through – he loved his walks, and would almost always be waiting right there by the door for us. Some days it was hard to even open the door because he’d be so close to the other side, waiting, excited to head out.

Johnson especially loved walking through Lighthouse Field. His favorite? Checking out the tall grass. He really enjoyed all the interesting smells collected in there, and every walk would make a beeline over to a patch to sniff it out thoroughly before moving on with the rest of his walk. He also enjoyed the smells of the ocean, and would lift his head up, taking in the breeze.



The westside crew

The westside crew

While Johnson wasn’t the kind of dog to go bounding off towards other dogs, he was a social pup who liked everyone, dog and person alike, and soon developed a close friendship with a couple other GoDogz. His best pals were Tripp and Buddy, and together, the three of them were dubbed “the westside crew.”


Aww, puppy love

Aww, puppy love



Tripp particularly loved Johnson and would often walk right next to him. Johnson, for his part, was always especially excited when he could hear his friends barking down below – those days he’d practically bound down the stairs, happy to see his buddies and walk along the ocean with them.



Johnson plays tug-of-war_blog



Back at the house, sometimes Johnson would enjoy playing a bit of tug-of-war. He was always very gentle about it, a perfect gentleman in every way.




Waiting for Jesse

Waiting for Jesse


On days when we were there for dinner, we got to see Johnson’s other great joy – he was so excited for every meal, and would even jump around like a puppy until his food was in front of him.

After eating he’d drink his water, settle down, and relax for the afternoon, waiting for his person to come home to him.


Unfortunately Johnson passed away yesterday – he got to be with the people he loved most at the end, and I know he had no regrets. Johnson was deeply loved by all – during our time with him, he enjoyed walks with the whole GoDogz team, and every walk was a joy because of how happy Johnson always was.

Johnson and Ryder, both so happy on westcliff

Johnson and Ryder, both so happy on westcliff

Even as his health started to decline near the end, he was always so glad to be heading outside, to enjoy the sunshine and the breeze, and to sniff his tall grasses. We will all miss him very much, and we’re all grateful that we got to share his life this past year.

Rest in peace, Johnson. Wherever you are, I hope there are ocean breezes and tall grasses and plenty of friends for you to walk with.

Johnson enjoying the ocean breeze_blog


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