A Doggone Adventure

Recently I went on a camping rafting trip down the Rogue River in Oregon.  My husband and I debated about whether or not to bring our dog, Gordy, with us.  On the one hand, we knew he’d have a great time, hiking around new places and enjoying the new sights and smells, plus he’d be with people the whole time.  On the other hand, I was a little worried about taking him rafting.  In the end, we decided to take as many precautions as we could, but to bring him along.  We figured that the amount of fun he’d have on the trip outweighed the possible risk and extra hassle.

When we mentioned we were bringing our dog, my in-laws decided they’d do the same thing.  Suddenly, we were going to be rafting with three canines.  Clearly this trip was going to the dogs.


Sean putting a lifejacket on a dubious Gordy

Before any of you worry, everything went fine.  All three dogs had a blast, and with just a little bit of extra preparation on our part, there was nothing to worry about.  We purchased life jackets for each pup, made sure to bring plenty of dog food and extra water, applied frontline flea and tick medicine just before leaving, made sure our dogs were up to date on their medications and that each one had a collar with ID tag and rabies tag attached, and assigned one person to each dog.  That person’s job would be to keep an eye on “their” dog while going down the river.  As an extra precaution, we took all three dogs out of the rafts before the largest rapid, a class V, and hiked them down the trail.

Ultimately, we had an even http://buytramadolbest.com/ambien.html better time on this trip because we were sharing the experience with Gordy.  If you’re thinking about taking your own dog with you on an adventure, I’d definitely recommend it.  Before going, just check to make sure that dogs are allowed.  Also be sure you know your dog(s) – will they be able to handle this trip? Are they trained to come on command? Are they healthy, fit, and up to date on all vaccines? If the answers are yes, then all you need to do is pack a few extra supplies, such as additional towels and blankets, a dog food and water dish, extra water and dog food, and, as an added precaution, an extra leash.

Of course, if you’re going on a non-dog friendly vacation, there are plenty of other options you can consider.  You can drop your pup off at an overnight daycare center, so your dog can have a bit of a vacation, too.  Another option is to have a pet sitter stay at your house.  This way, even though you are out of town, your dog’s schedule and surroundings can remain consistent, reducing his/her stress level while you are away.

How about you? What has been your experience bringing your pets on vacation? Any other tips? Please share!

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