About Us

Heidi Lang  (owner):

A graduate from SJSU, Heidi moved from Connecticut to California to pursue her love of Judo.  After competing in the Olympic trials in 2004, she retired and soon discovered her second love, dogs.  She volunteered with the SPCA and the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, and decided to form GoDogz with her husband in order to focus on helping dogs get the exercise and attention they need.  In her free time, she writes young adult fiction.  She is insured and Pet CPR and First Aid certified.  For more on Heidi, check here.


Sean Lang

An accomplished ultra-runner with multiple 100-mile races under his belt, Sean is pursuing his love of fitness and the abilities of the human body by working on his master’s degree in Exercise Physiology.  A firm believer in exercise as the key to a healthy lifestyle for both dogs and people, Sean has had dogs his whole life, and has seen how much a good walk or run keeps them balanced.  When he’s not walking dogs, running, or studying, he’s doing yoga.  He is insured and Pet CPR and First Aid certified.




Ben Carter (dog runner/walker):

A lifelong athlete and dog lover, Ben never gets tired of watching the excited face of a dog about to go running. As a ceramic artist, he has traveled all over the world, recently spending a few years in Shanghai, China as the educational director of an art school. For more on his ceramic career, stop by his website or visit his art/travel blog, Tales of a Red Clay Rambler. When he’s not out running dogs, he’s either doing yoga or working in his pottery studio. Read more about Ben here.





Allison Athens


Allison Athens (dog runner/walker):

A swimmer by training, Allison took up running to spend more time with her dog, Nitsii, and to be trail ready when the two head to the mountains for extended hiking and backpacking trips. Swimming, running, and yoga helped keep Allison focused during her years of grad school at UCSC. Now finished with her PhD, she has more time to dedicate to her true love: companion animals (both belonging to her and to others)! When she’s not running dogs, you can find her playing at the beach with Nitsii and her many http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/zithromax/ doggie and human pals, and exploring the natural beauty of the extensive park systems around Santa Cruz County.



Dani Meidan


Dani Meidan (dog runner/walker):

Dani grew up around dogs and horses and has always been passionate about sports and exercise. A recent graduate of UCSC with a degree in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, she hopes to one day be either a physical therapist for athletes or a biogeochemist studying coral reefs. You can often find Dani on the trails, training for her next race, or surfing in the ocean. When she’s not out running with dogs, she’s working in a microbiology lab on campus.



Matt Goodman


Matt Goodman (petsitter):

Matt has been a fixture on the Santa Cruz scene for the past fifteen years, having moved from the Bay Area to attend UCSC. Originally hailing from the mid-western prairies of Canada, he majored in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology before deciding on a different life course. Developing a passion for volleyball late in life, over the past seven years he has been a referee at the local indoor level, satisfying his love of the natural world in part through playing the sport on the beach and taking care of many, many Santa Cruz dogs (plus the occasional cat).





Christy Buncic (marketing manager/dog walker):

A talented graphic designer, Christy moved to Santa Cruz in the summer of 2011 to continue pursuing her artistic endeavors and to help with GoDogz.  She quickly got to work designing a much-improved logo and creating flyers, as well as assisting on dog walks, managing the photography, and helping out with the social media.  An avid walker herself, she’s often found on the trails with Gordy.  When she’s not working on art or walking, she’s making jewelry.  For more on Christy, check here.




Gordy the dog

Gordy Lang (dog adviser):

The original “go dog,” Gordy has come a long way from the scared shelter pup we rescued four years ago, and has blossomed into an energetic dog with a thirst for adventure.  He is now an accomplished long distance runner, frisbee champ, and self-proclaimed king of the beach, who keeps Sean and Heidi on their toes and takes great pleasure in teaching them about the finer things in a dog’s life.


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