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While we’re on vacation, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of our GoDogz here on the blog.

Archie plays soccer by his own rules...

Archie plays soccer by his own rules…

First up is Archie!

Sean and I were just reminiscing about our first walks with Archie. When we started with this guy, we were taking him on long walks while he worked on his endurance. Eventually those walks just weren’t enough, so we switched to short runs every other day as he built up his running endurance. Then it became short runs every day in place of the walks, and still Archie kept improving, getting faster and running longer. So, longer runs every other day, then every day.

Archie posing dramatically

Archie posing dramatically





Archie is such a handsome dog – just look at that face!






See Sean and Archie run!

See Sean and Archie run!


Sometimes Sean will take Archie out to Henry Cowell where they can really cut loose and put on the speed, doing 6 minute miles as they fly downhill. Other days they wind their way around the neighborhood. And last summer, we spent a week running Archie on the beach. He was so happy to sprint across the sand, then dive into the waves.


No matter where he runs, Archie is a happy pup – a true GoDog for sure!

Just two happy GoDogz

Just two happy GoDogz




Once in a while Gordy will tag along. Archie and Gordy might not have a close friendship, but they both love Sean, and so they’ve learned to respect each other while running. It’s cute – they will steal small sniffs and looks, but will give each other space otherwise.



And…Archie’s picture is up on the Santa Cruz Yoga website now, too! Sean is now teaching there, and until he could send in a more official picture, the studio owner pulled one off our website to use. You might recognize it from this post here. It was supposed to be temporary, but he decided he liked it too much to take it down. Take a look at the upper right hand corner… 😉


content Archie after a run

What a happy GoDog!

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