Archie’s Tails from the Trailz!

Today we want to introduce one of our GoDogz superstars – Archie!

What a happy dog!

Archie is a young pitbull with energy to burn.  We started off doing daily walks with him, but quickly learned that Archie is happiest running! Sean and I appreciate that GoDogz spirit, and have been enjoying the switch over to daily runs.

Archie and Sean







Here’s a typical outing with Archie: When we get to the house, he is so excited he runs in circles until we get the leash on him, and then he’s at the door, rearing to go.  Once on the run he’s as focused as any athlete.  Generally we start off running uphill in an effort to take the edge off his energy level.  He sprints straight up like it’s flat, pulling me or Sean along after him.  At the top of the hill, he usually slows down a bit, then launches himself back downhill, and it’s all we can do to keep up.

Ah, refreshing!


When we turn down a side road, Archie usually slows down a little, trotting along nicely, his tongue lolling, mouth open in a huge, happy doggie grin.  Clearly he loves his runs! This street is nice and shady, and on warmer days Archie really seems to appreciate it.

We usually loop down a side path over to a flat grassy area, where we stop for a quick break.  Archie prefers drinking the nice, cold fountain water to the bottled water we carry, followed by one of his favorite things next to running: some good ole grass swimming.

It's grass swimming time!



Rested and recharged, it’s time to go! Our route changes here depending on how fast we’re running, but eventually we loop back to the bottom of the hill, and it’s time for a final push up.  We know we’ve really done our job well when Archie plods up the hill slowly.  Sean tries to wring every last bit of energy out of him, encouraging him to sprint, sprint, sprint!

Then we’re at the house, and Archie is so happy to see his dad.  Usually Archie looks tired and content inside, but occasionally he makes us look bad by running around in circles, already preparing himself for a second run.  What a true GoDog!


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