Aussie Adventure!

the pep talk

On Friday Sean and I found ourselves with some extra time, so we decided it was time for an aussie adventure! We loaded Gordy up in the car and picked up two of his favorite GoDogz pals – Nora and Doyle! Then it was off to Henry Cowell for an ultra-run!

First Sean gave all the pups a pep talk about the trails to come.  “Our goal,” he explained carefully, “is to reach the observation deck.”  Then we were off, winding our way down single track.

running side-by-side-by-side…


The three pups liked running side-by-side, but eventually they realized the path wasn’t quite wide enough for that.  Soon it was Gordy and Doyle neck-and-neck for the lead, with Nora trotting along politely next to Sean.

teacher Sean





We came to a break in the trees and stopped to look at the sign, where Sean gave the dogs another lesson.  “See? This is where we’re going.”  Then we were off, through the winding trees, up some hills, until we finally stopped for a moment in a clearing for a quick water and treat break.

my turn to run with the pups!



More trails…


Puppy love at the observation deck

Eventually, though, we made it…the observation deck! All three dogs were very excited to stop and take in the scenery.  Soon, though, it was time to get moving again.  After all, we were only halfway through our super run…


Even more trails.  All three pups seemed a little tired now, but still enthusiastic.  Like any true GoDogz, they wanted to see this adventure through to the end.

Finally, we made it back to the car and some well-deserved water and treats.  What a run!





We took lots of pictures – check them out on our facebook page!



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