Tails from the Trails

Monthly round-up

  July was an emotional roller coaster here at GoDogz – we had to say goodbye to two of our sweet pups, but we also had some wonderful adventures. Here’s a quick highlight of just a couple of our favorite pictures from the month.   First up, we managed to get the super aussie/lab pack […]

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Rest in Peace, Reggie

Today we turn to Hillary for a guest post chronicling her adventures with Reggie.       I was welcomed into the GoDogz team by Reggie and his family. I was lucky enough to have them be my very first hike! Reggie was not part of the pack in the same way as many of […]

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Remembering Gromit

  I first met Gromit and her brother Moses a year and a half ago. A lab mix described as “a bit persnickety, with Mona Lisa eyes” she was such a welcome addition to our regular packs. And while occasionally I would see a hint of this “persnicketyness,” she was consistently sweet to every GoDog […]

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Weekly Round-up Time!

It’s that time again – GoDogz time! Let’s take a look at some of last week’s adventurez! First up, Gomu and Tripp bonded over shared stories of short legs, while they hiked with Dani and the rest of the Westside pack through Pogonip.                 On Tuesday, Cali was […]

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More Pics from the Trailz!

  It’s that time again – time to look back on the adventures of last week! And what a week it was! Sean and the aussie pack kicked us off with a race through Henry Cowell on Monday morning.       On Tuesday, Ben and the westside pack went in search of new horizons… […]

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Weekly Round-up: Catch up addition!

Well, I blinked and we’re already practically halfway through June. So here’s a very brief recap of the past two week’s adventures out on the trailz! A few highlights from two weeks ago: Hillary took the cutest picture of Penny,                       and Lola won the […]

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Last Week’s Tails from the Trailz!

I knew something was missing from this long weekend, and that was the prior week’s Tails from the Trailz! So, better late than never, I give you our newest installment of a glimpse at a week in the life of a GoDog.         Monday morning the Scotts Valley trio was in good […]

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Pics from the Trailz!

Hot off the press, this week’s Tails from the Trailz returns with more pics! Summer arrived in a big way this week, with temperatures climbing. Our GoDogz (and their walkers) all enjoyed the extra sunshine, incorporating more shade and water breaks to keep everyone cool and happy.   First up, Cali continued her adventures with the […]

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Last Week at a Glance – Pics from the Trailz!

Last week we launched our first ever weekly round-up featuring a handful of our favorite pictures from that week’s GoDogz adventures. We’re continuing this with today’s newest installment of the week at a glance.     First of all, I forgot to say much thanks to the GoDogz team for covering while Sean and I […]

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Weekly round-up: Pics from the Trailz!

Of course our GoDogz are not only excellent hikers and runners, but they’re all also ridiculously good-looking. 😉 We decided this much beauty had to be shared with the world, so kick back and enjoy this first installment of our Weekly Round-Up! Check back each week for new adventures – we’ll continue to share a […]

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