Ginger’s Tails from the Trailz!

Ginger the GoDog

Meet Ginger!

When her family first adopted her, they set very strict rules about where she could and could not go.  Being extremely adorable, however, Ginger quickly worked her way around those rules and now has the run of the house.  Her favorite place to sleep? On the bed, of course. 

When I first got to the house, Ginger met me at the door, tail wagging, ready to walk.  As we walked down to the beach, she kept a close eye on any cats we passed along the way, but still made time to enjoy the  scenery.

“The beach? I love the beach!”



Like any true GoDog, Ginger is a happy walker, content to go anywhere, but she seemed very excited to be on the beach and enjoyed strolling across the sand.

Back at the house she let me wipe off her sandy paws, and then it was chow time.  Her belly full, Ginger would stretch out on the carpet and snooze, nice and relaxed and dreaming of her next walk.


As soon as it was bedtime, Ginger would head into the room ahead of me, so by the time I got there she’d be nestled up on the bed, her chosen spot taken.  She usually curled herself into a tiny little ball, looking so cute I couldn’t possibly move her, so she’d get whichever side she chose.

“Let’s go!”


In the morning, Ginger would wait patiently while I got ready and then race to meet me at the door, her tail a blur as I put on her leash, and then it was time to go, go, go!


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