Gordy gets hounded

Sean poses with Gordy and Hudson

Gordy recently made a new GoDogz friend – Hudson hound! When Hudson’s dad told us he thought his hound could use more doggie companionship, Sean and I organized a meet ‘n’ walk between Hudson and Gordy.

Both dogs did a hesitant sniff first, a cautious circle, and then, tails wagging, each gave the paw of approval to their new friendship.  That settled, Sean and I took them both on a nice walk together.

Two GoDogz!

Hudson doesn’t appreciate the company of aggressive or overly excitable dogs, which is a sentiment Gordy can respect.  On the walk, the two dogs would sometimes trot along side-by-side, and other times Gordy or Hudson would fall http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/neurontin/ back, giving the other pup his space.

Happy hound!


Regardless, they both seemed very comfortable with the other, and at the end of the walk we piled them both into the backseat of the car together.

Back at the house, Hudson gave a hound howl of farewell to his new canine companion before heading inside, knowing there will be plenty of Gordy walks in his future.  Until next time, Hudson!

As usual, check out our facebook page for more cute pictures of their outing together!

Gordy has been known to tag along on the occasional GoDogz walk or run.  If you’re looking for more canine companionship for your GoDog, let us know and we’ll bring our #1 GoDog advisor along when possible.

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