Gordy’s Grand Adventure…with Jessie & Charlie!

Recently Sean got to walk Jessie and Charlie. Well, when Gordy heard about that, he insisted on coming along.

The three dogs like to start off trotting along down the path, hanging out near Sean and his amazing bag of endless treats, until suddenly Jessie will take off sprinting, diving in and out of the stream and racing back and forth, Charlie hard on her heels. Gordy gets very excited when this happens and charges after his pals.

Back in the day, he might have been able to keep up with Jessie, but these days it’s all he can do to stay just behind her, while Jessie easily weaves around him, putting on a burst of speed when she wants to dart out ahead. She might be short, but Charlie has learned all the best http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/topamax/ shortcuts and is good at using them to keep up.


Sean bided his time, waiting for the race to be over.  Finally, tired, dirty, and slightly damp, the pups are ready for their photo shoot, the results you can see on this post.  🙂

Afterwards, the pups settle into a nice, happy trot back down the path, all three content to meet other dogs on the way as they calmly make their way back home, where it’s time for Gordy to say goodbye to his GoDogz pals. Until next time!


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