Hiking the Ansel Adams Wilderness

Garnett Lake


Recently Sean, Gordy, and I took a trip out to the Ansel Adams Wilderness with some friends.  Our goal? To hike ALL of it! And we did, practically.  Or at least it felt that way.  🙂


Gordy poses at Island Pass

We began our hike at Silver Lake.  Originally, we planned to be on the trails before the sun came up, but with one thing and another we didn’t end up starting out until about 7:30am.  Our destination? Devil’s Postpile.  The route Sean and Toshi planned out would have been about 27 miles (this is what happens when you leave the route planning to the ultra-distance runners…) but we ended up losing the trail at one point and accidentally http://buytramadolbest.com/modafinil.html making our way to another trail, so it was probably closer to 24 miles.

Still, we got to explore parts of the John Muir Trail and spent some time on the Pacific Crest Trai as well.

The scenery was amazing! It’s close to Yosemite, but the nice thing about Ansel Adams is that it is dog friendly, so Gordy got to tag along for the trip.  Also nice? Lots and lots of lakes, which are both beautiful and good for giving your pup a nice, refreshing break.  Gordy was one happy dog by the end!


This video Toshi put together pretty much sums up our whole trip.  Enjoy, and stay tuned – more Tails from the Trailz coming your way soon!


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