Introducing Heidi Lang

Inspired by last week’s post introducing Christy Buncic, Sean and I decided we should write our own introductions as well. So, today I’ll introduce myself. Here goes…

Where to start? I guess I’ll begin with my move out here ten years ago…I graduated from high school in Connecticut, then moved out to San Jose, California almost the next day to join the San Jose State University Judo team, where I spent the next four and a half years training hard on the mat and working on my English degree. After competing in the Olympic Trials in 2004, I decided I was done with competition and hung up my gi, concentrating instead on graduating, getting a full-time job, and all that other fun stuff.

I married Sean in 2006 (we met on the SJSU Judo team) and continued working, eventually making my way over to a job at a non-profit. Soon afterwards, Sean and I adopted Gordy from a pet fair held by the Nike Animal Rescue Foundation (NARF). You can read more about that in this earlier post here.

Puppy love!

Having Gordy really changed my life. I realized how much I loved spending time with dogs, and also, almost as significantly, how important it was for a dog to get enough exercise. Gordy is…well, quirky would be the best way to explain him. He creates his own rules, insists on sleeping every night wedged in the bathroom between the toilet and bathtub, and lets us know exactly how he’s feeling, all the time: his expressions are clearly marked on his face. He’s also a very high-energy dog, and Sean and I quickly fell into a routine – Sean would run Gordy in the morning, and then I’d run or walk him again in the afternoon.

I soon learned that exercising is just that much more fun with a dog next to you, clearly loving every minute of it. I think it was this realization that shaped my next career decision, to form GoDogz. I started off small, pet sitting and walking dogs for friends and friends-of-friends, then walking dogs on the side while still working part-time. Then Sean and I moved to Santa Cruz and I began volunteering with the Santa Cruz County Animal shelter, walking their dogs, and I knew this was what I wanted to do full-time.

We formed GoDogz back in March, and I’ve never looked back. These days I spend my time walking and running dogs, and writing, my other passion. I also dusted my old gi off and together Sean and I teach a Judo class once a week at Kaijin. I feel like I have the best job in the world, as well as the greatest clients, and I wake up every morning excited about the world and my place in it.

Stay tuned for Sean’s introduction next!

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