Is it fetch time yet? How about now?

the infamous double sniff


I got to spend more time with Harley and CC last week, and naturally took a lot of photos.  First up, of course, was a good, long walk.  As usual, both dogs needed to sniff the exact same spot, just to be on the safe side.


Harley and CC relax differently...



After the walk came a tasty dinner, followed by some time relaxing at the house.  Or at least, CC and I relaxed.  Harley, on the other hand, was a dog on a mission.  That mission? Fetch.

the great ball stare down begins




If he had his way, we would play fetch all day and all night and all day again.  Still, it’s hard to resist his intense, pleading stare, and when I tried to ignore it, he’d bring the ball to me, place it carefully nearby, and then just stand there.  And wait.  And wait.  And wait.  One of us was going to break first, and let me tell you, that one was not Harley.  : )

it gets worse...





Eventually I’d give up and we’d go out in the yard to play, which made Harley very happy! CC would tag along, although she preferred to sniff around the perimeter, chew on her bone, and then relax on the deck.






Back in the house, the two enjoyed a good wrestling match, which looked surprisingly even despite Harley’s slight size advantage. Then it was time for a treat, and, according to Harley, time for more fetch.  It took all my cunning to stop him from bringing his poor, mangled tennis ball to bed, but eventually both pups settled down, snuggling in for a good night’s sleep.

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