Isabelle’s Tails from the Trails

It’s been a little while since we highlighted any of our “Tails from the Trails,” which really is a doggone shame! So, without further ado, we bring you a day in the life of Isabelle the Akita!

Isabelle, aka "Pumpkin"


Isabelle, better known as Pumpkin, is a nine-year-old akita who truly loves her walks! She’s usually waiting for me in the hall when I show up to take her out.  We’ve developed a little ritual, which goes like this: I step in the house and call out, “hi, Isabelle!” and she comes out, does a little prance step, and then licks my hands.  Then it’s time for business; I grab a treat or two and her leash, and we head out the door.

Once outside, Isabelle is a dog on a mission, and we move quickly down her street and over to her usual path.  Along the way she enjoys taunting the other dogs who watch us walk by, their faces pressed against their gates.  Isabelle always struts a little when she knows the other dogs are watching, her head held high and her step jaunty.


Isabelle at the dog park



We head along the path until we get to the dog park.  Once inside the gate, we usually head over to the water fountain first, and then Isabelle enjoys wandering around and sniffing the area.  Occasionally she’ll run after a ball if I roll it, but she won’t fetch it.  She has explained to me, in her own doggy way, that she’s far too dignified for fetch, but she’s happy to chase other dogs when she sees them on the other side of the fence.



Isabelle decides it's time to go inside


When we leave the dog park we take our time walking back, sometimes stopping to rest in the shade along the way.  Once back at the house, Isabelle usually likes to rest for a few minutes on the porch.  She stretches herself out and relaxes, waiting for me to sit down with her and pet her.  At these times she looks very content, her nose lifted and smelling the air, eyes half closed, mouth slightly open in a relaxed grin.  We sit together for a bit, and then it’s time to go back inside.

After drinking and eating, Isabelle stretches out in the living room and watches me until I am ready to leave.  I pet her on the head, and sometimes she’ll lick my hands again and smile up at me, silently saying, “until next time.”


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