It’s Training Time!

Earlier this week we brought you Tails from the Trailz featuring two of our energetic running GoDogz, Ciao and Bear. And speaking of running, we have a quick update here.

Sean at his first 100 miler, with his brother, Jesse, as pacer

First, the most exciting news: Sean got into the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run!!! For those of you not part of the ultra-marathon world, this race is one of the biggest and hardest to get into. And yes, it really is one hundred miles. And he’ll be running. All of it.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking. ‘One hundred miles! Isn’t that physically impossible?’ And a few years ago I would have said yes, but that’s before I actually saw Sean finish a 100 mile race. Saw it with my own eyes, and not just Sean, but a whole slew of crazy people, all running this extreme distance. So yes, it is physically possible, but very hard. And Western States is one of the hardest of the hard, complete with lots of lovely elevation gain and loss (work those quads!) and temperature extremes.

In order to finish the race, Sean will have to train every day, which for him isn’t that hard – he runs all the time anyways. Now, though, he has a very strong focus, and he’ll be stepping up the miles. So if you have a dog that needs running, give us a call – Sean could use the training partners! : )

Me running with some GoDogz!

And now my news: I’ll also be training, but for a slightly less impressive ultramarathon. Sean assures me someday I’ll be running 100s, but until I lose all of my sanity, I’ve decided I’ll try a 50k (about 32 miles), which is the shortest of the ultramarathon distances. In the past I’ve completed three marathons, but this will be my very first ultra. And since it might also be my only ultra, I chose a good one: the Ohlone 50k, which starts at Mission Peak and then just goes uphill from there.

Gordy would like to remind you that he's ALWAYS training



So I’ll be running a lot more, too. Along the way, I’ll also be training for the 21 mile walk at Big Sur this April (my sister and I are going to complete this with our dad). Good thing I get plenty of walking and running practice!

And now, back to the Trailz!

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