Jessie & Charlie share their Tailz!

Charlie and Jessie!

Last week I had the pleasure of walking some amazing GoDogz, Jessie and Charlie! Not only do these pups know how to walk in true GoDog fashion, but they make it look good! They were constantly posing for the camera – check out our facebook page for their full photo albums.

When I showed up to take Jessie and Charlie out on our first walk together, they were both a little unsure of me.  As soon as I grabbed the leashes, though, Jessie decided she was ready to walk! Charlie, not wanting to be outdone by her pal, begrudgingly let me leash her, but after a few minutes on the trail the three of us were fast friends.

a real pack of GoDogz!



These lucky pups often walk with a pack of doggie friends, so most mornings we would head out to the path to join the others.  Jessie loved to race up and down the trail, riling up the other dogs until they raced after her, tearing along the path, up the side of the hills, and back again.



Jessie & Charlie looking cute. Gordy’s pose needs work…


Charlie usually divided up her time between racing around with the other dogs and trotting along at heel next to me, glancing up hopefully for another treat.

In the afternoons we would go on another walk.  Being social walkers, Jessie and Charlie were always happy to see Sean bringing Leo along.  All those GoDogz in one place were too much for Gordy to resist, so he often joined us as well, and the four dogs formed a very happy pack.

Racing away from the edge!


We took Jessie, Charlie, and Gordy on a field trip to the Seymour Center one day as well.  They loved all the new smells, and after investigating the trails they happily raced along next to the ocean before discovering a large sand pit, which was very exciting! After the walk, Charlie was so tired she slept on Sean’s lap the whole car ride home, and even Jessie seemed happy to get home and take a nice nap before our evening walk.

Charlie says even GoDogz need to sleep…



Back at the house, both of these pups were always very mellow.  Charlie would follow me around with a bone in her mouth, and Jessie loved to lick my hands and get attention.  Otherwise, they’d rest, conserving their energy for the next walk.  See you on the trails!



much better, Gordy!

Jessie and Charlie show Gordy how it’s done…

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