Kaya’s Tails from the Trailz

This is way overdue, but today we wanted to share some of Kaya’s tails from the trailz!

I was fortunate enough to bring in the new year with this 7-month old malamute pup, and let me tell you, she definitely brought her party spirit! Kaya is very sweet and mischievous, and full of puppy energy.

A typical day would start with an early morning walk, usually looping through the neighborhood streets and going down the Quarry path. Kaya was especially happy to see any other people on our walk, and was always quick to greet anyone willing to pet her and tell her how pretty she was.

Soaking up the sun!


After our walk, Kaya liked to play in the yard for a bit. Her favorite game was a modified version of fetch – I would throw a toy for her, she would run and get it, and then she’d come near me and wait for me to try and take it. Once I took that step towards her she’d be off like a rocket, zooming back and forth around the yard before stopping and waiting for me to make another attempt.

Once she wore herself out, or at least wore me out, http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/eriacta/ we’d sit together on the porch. Kaya liked to lay in the sun, resting and happy. Sometimes she’d decide she wanted a little more company, so she’d cuddle closer to me, inviting me to pet her.

Sean posing with Gordy & Kaya

Back in the house Kaya had a favorite couch to sit on, and her favorite toys to chew, followed by a nice nap. In the afternoon it would be time for another walk, sometimes up into Pogonip, which made Kaya very excited. I lost track of the number of times people recommended attaching her to a sled.

One afternoon Gordy came along as well. Kaya and Gordy circled each other at the start of the walk, Kaya excited, Gordy a little wary, but they quickly became friends trotting down the trail together.

At night Kaya would relax in the room with her bird pal, Wallace, while I pet her and sang, “go to sleep, go to sleep little wolfling.” Then it was time for bed and a full night’s rest so she could be up and ready for her next GoDogz adventure.


There are lots more pictures, so don’t forget to check out our GoDogz facebook page!

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