Lady’s Tails from the Trailz

What a Lady!



We’d like you to meet Lady, an extremely loving lab/pit mix.  Lady has gone on many GoDogz adventures, but when we first met, she was a little hesitant.  And by “a little hesitant,” I mean she wanted nothing to do with me or Sean.

It took a half hour of just hanging out quietly in the yard with her, bribing her with treats and soft words, before she’d even let us near her with a leash.



Sean and Lady stop to watch the ocean



Once the leash was on, though, Lady was ready to go! Her tail untucked and started wagging, and she made her way to the gate like a dog on a mission.



Lady makes a new friend at the beach


We had a wonderful time walking down the neighboring streets for the next hour, and by the time we got back to the house, we were great friends.  After that, Lady knew what to expect when she saw one of us at her door – another fun GoDogz adventure!


One of Lady’s favorite things to do is walk to the beach, where she’s allowed to run around off leash with the other dogs.  While she enjoys playing with her fellow canines, she loves chasing birds! She’ll sprint back and forth, back and forth, her eyes fixed on those feathery wings just out of her reach.

Ah, nothing like a good nap after a hard day's play



After the beach, it’s time for the walk back home, where Lady knows she has dinner and a soft bed (or couch) waiting for her.  Then it’s time to rest up for her next GoDogz adventure!

Next time, bird...


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