Lola’s Tails from the Trailz

Can't say no to that face...

Can’t say no to that face…

We first met Lola when she was only a couple months old. As a puppy, she had a very serious “puppy face,” and she knew how to use it to her advantage.

A fast grower, it seemed like every time we saw her she had doubled in size. Soon she was bigger than Gordy!

Sean and Lola pose for the camera

Sean and Lola pose for the camera










Like most labs, Lola is very, very sweet – she loves the world and everyone in it, and nothing makes her happier than a walk, except maybe a walk with friends.



A typical walk with Lola goes something like this:

Walking through Seymour

Walking through Seymour


When we show up we can hear her tail wagging in her kennel, and we know she is ready to walk! Sometimes we’ll walk her on the Meder path, where she’s almost sure to meet a few other dogs out for their own walks.


Other times we’ll take her on a field trip – she really enjoys exploring the paths at Seymour Center, stopping to take in the ocean view along the way.

Lola meeting the pack

Lola meeting the pack








Another time we headed out to Pogonip where Lola got to be a true trail-hiking GoDog. Even better – Sean joined us there with a few GoDogz friends, so Lola got to be part of a whole GoDogz pack! She was very excited to meet everyone and spent the whole walk with a huge doggie grin on her face.




What's this? A lemon? Hmm...

What’s this? A lemon? Hmm…




After our walk, it’s time to go back to the house, where she gets a few minutes in the yard. As a young puppy she used to do a rocket-dog impression, racing around and around the yard as fast as she could go, ears back, tail streaming behind her. One time she stopped to investigate a fallen lemon. I watched as she picked it up in her mouth, then quickly dropped it, shaking her head at the bitter taste. 🙂

The yard? I love the yard!

The yard? I love the yard! Let’s play more…





Nowaways she assures me she’s much too mature and dignified to sprint like she used to, but she still enjoys roaming about the yard before going back inside.

Lola is happiest around others, so she always tries convincing me to stay just a little longer, but eventually she’ll go back in her kennel, where it’s time for her to rest up and recharge. What a GoDog!

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