Meet Tara and Giles – our first GoFerretz!



For today’s Tails from the Trailz we have something a little different – a GoFerret story! A little while ago I got to petsit a couple of ferrets.

Meet Tara, a super energetic fuzzy who loves to play, play, and then play some more!


And Giles!

And Giles!

And her buddy Giles – he enjoys a good romp with his toys as much as the next ferret, but while Tara is still going strong, he usually likes to find a nice quiet corner to nap.

Wake up, sleepy ferret...

Wake up, sleepy ferret…


A typical day with these guys starts off with a morning play session. First, though, I get to wake them up. Once the initial sleepiness wears off, both ferrets are super wild when they first get out of their cage. After sprinting back and forth through their tube and getting viciously attacked by stuffed animals, they are even wilder, and usually a quick sprint around the room ends in a no-holds barred wrestling match.

Tara takes care of a rowdy dinosaur

Tara takes care of a rowdy dinosaur


When Giles is done playing he’s very good at tucking himself back to bed, either in the middle of the octopus toy, or in the crate, or really anywhere there’s a nice, soft blanket.

When Tara finally decides she’s sleepy, she’ll track Giles down and curl up next to him.

Midday the fuzzes like to stretch their legs and play a little more. They also like to get a snack. Giles loves cheerios – Tara isn’t the biggest fan, although lately she’s taken to eating the cheerio crumbs Giles leaves behind.

Giles is sad there are no more cheerios...

Giles is sad there are no more cheerios…






In the evening the fuzzies get another play session, and then it’s time for bed. Like any true GoFerret, Tara and Giles play hard and then sleep hard, so they’re refreshed and ready to do it all again in the morning. 🙂


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