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Loaded up and ready for adventure!


July was an emotional roller coaster here at GoDogz – we had to say goodbye to two of our sweet pups, but we also had some wonderful adventures. Here’s a quick highlight of just a couple of our favorite pictures from the month.


First up, we managed to get the super aussie/lab pack to take a short break from racing down the trails to pose for this pic:

It’s GoDogz time!

No party like a GoDogz party!



Speaking of group pics, we also had a mini GoDogz party out at DeLaVeaga when Rosey, Kaylee, and Hillary all chose to hike their packs there.


Puppy par-tay!









And a puppy party with our youngest GoDogz: Pearl, Huck, and Zoe joining slightly older pals Charlie and Pogo for a high energy hike with Dani and Hillary.

Aww, Cheebie and Hillary, so cute!







Of course, in addition to group pics, we couldn’t resist taking a few doggie selfies this month. Some of them turned out very successfully, while some…were a little less successful. ;D



Sean has been hounded! ;D







Luckily all our GoDogz are very patient with us! Especially Ricky Bobby and Zoe, who have mastered the art of the synchronized head tilt for maximum effect:



Madison, Archie, Mochi, and Cali!







This month marked a couple of exciting new things, too! First up, we welcomed new GoDogger Madison to the team. Here she is with the Scotts Valley Trio, who gave her the paw of approval:












Also this month marked the start of a beautiful brand-new doggie friendship: Mawson and Ziva. Dani had the pleasure of introducing these two fast friends to each other, where they bonded over their shared love of racing down the trails.






Loving their Henry Cowell adventures together



And since one of our favorite things here at GoDogz are the doggie friendships we’ve seen, here are a couple more pics of classic friends taken this month, starting with this cute pic of bestest running buddies Doyle and Cali…

Heidi and Chelsea are ready to tackle those trails!






Or this pic of cute-as-a-button friends Heidi and Chelsea.


Cutest thing ever!




Sometimes our GoDogz friendships are too cute for words, like the time Nexpa and Pogo got all snuggly.



“Dude, you’ve got something on your face…”



Other times, they crack us up, like this perfectly Gloria expression of disgust, staring at Bronx’s amazing stream of drool.


Moses and Tripp enjoying the sunshine






But what we love is that these doggie friendships come in all shapes and sizes. 🙂



Love this pack! ;D





Okay, I’ll try to wrap this post up. A couple of final pictures you just have to see, like this one of the most hilariously cute pack ever, with tiny Gibbs, medium-sized Romeo and Juliette, and giant Omar:




And finally, here are a couple of happy dog portraits from the month. First up, Archie looking proud, regal, and content after a good hike:


Love the beach!

Next is Bronx, also proud, regal, and content at the beach:

Love those ears!! ;D







And little Zoe, who got to enjoy a solo hike with her pal Kaylee, was all ears and smiles. 😀


We see that smile, Gloria!







And finally, we caught Gloria smiling! Gloria, who is usually the master of the “resting pit face” managed to break her cool and give us a little doggie grin. 🙂


GoDogz on the go!



Until next time, keep them doggies rollin’ rawhide…

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