More Tails from the Trailz with CC and Harley

It was reunion time with CC and Harley, but this time around I got to be the one spending time with them.  Sean, sad about missing out on the fun, filled me in on what to expect.  “Harley will try to cuddle in your lap,” he warned me, “at least until CC tells him to stop.”  Armed with this information and a brand new tennis ball, I entered the house.

treat, please!



Harley, an eighty-something pound black lab mix, took the tennis ball from me and then raced around the house gleefully, while CC, a small terrier-mix, glared at me from a safe distance away.  Clearly the tennis ball wasn’t going to win her affections.  “CC,” I said, sitting down on the couch and rustling in my purse, “want a treat?”


The words barely left my mouth before CC was standing in front of me, her front legs posted on my leg, her ears up.  Harley decided that he would also like a treat, and put down the tennis ball long enough to get one.  That done, it was time for our first walk together.

Both dogs give this pole a thorough investigation




Both dogs were great on the walk! We explored the neighborhood, then crossed over to walk on a path next to the beach.  After the walk it was time for dinner and then a quiet evening relaxing on the couch.  CC went right to sleep on her dog bed, which meant Harley was free to be the lap dog he believes he is.


The next day we had another good, long walk, enjoying the beautiful weather, followed by a play session in the yard.  Harley’s new tennis ball was nowhere to be seen; instead, he brought me several extremely traumatized tennis balls hanging on to their last threads of existence.  Still, they got the job done.

Is it fetch time again?

After playing fetch for a bit, I went inside to finish up my Report Card when I felt these eyes on me.  Glancing outside, I could see Harley staring at me very intently, but this time around there was no tennis ball in sight.  “What, Harley?” I asked, standing up.  He didn’t move, his golden eyes fixed on me, his whole body tensed and ready.  It was then that I saw it: an old, beaten-up tennis ball was sitting there on the chair next to me.  Harley must have snuck it in while I wasn’t looking, and now he was just standing there, waiting for me to throw it.

So, I ended up playing more fetch.  CC came out and sniffed around the yard as well, then came over and let me know she wanted to sit up on the picnic table with me.  Soon it was time for me to be on my way.  I left both dogs happily eating their specially-made treats.  Until next time, pups!

Want more cute pictures? Of course you do! Check out our Facebook page for our CC and Harley photo album!

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