More Tails from the Trailz with Kaya and Shell

It was reunion time with Kaya and Shell recently! We had a week-long slumber party full of fun GoDogz adventures! Here’s how it went:

Me with Kaya and Shell on a rainy morning walk



When I first showed up, I had to remind Kaya that we were old friends.  Shell, on the other hand, was perfectly happy to see me right away, and as soon as I began petting her, Kaya decided she wanted in on the action.  After that it was time for a walk along our old route, looping along the creek and down to the ocean.



Nap time!





My goal at the end of each day was to have the dogs looking like this:







The best way to reach that goal was to have a variety of activities throughout the day.  In the mornings we liked to walk along East Cliff Drive and look out at the surfers.  When the tide permitted, we’d go down and explore along the beach.  Both Kaya and Shell were very happy to sniff at the rocks and trot along the sand.

It's beach time!




In the afternoon, it was time for another good walk.  Sometimes we did our normal route along the creek, occasionally making a stop at the beach in the middle to enjoy the view of the waves.  On rainy days, we trekked back over to East Cliff to avoid the mud.  In true GoDog fashion, both dogs were perfectly happy to walk, rain or shine!


Hiking time? We LOVE hiking time!!

One morning, we took a field trip over to Pogonip, where we joined Christy and Gordy for an adventure hike along the trails.  Eleven-year-old Shell was like a puppy again as she raced Gordy and Kaya, stopping only to investigate the occasional interesting bush or tree.  Kaya preferred trotting along at that easy aussie pace, conserving her energy until the moment was right for a sprint.

I figured both dogs would be worn out for the rest of the day after our hike, but when the afternoon rolled around, they woke up from their naps and let me know they were ready for their next outdoor adventure! 🙂

In the evenings we relaxed at home, catching up on our TV watching or reading.  The cats, Molly and Felix, would usually join us during these quiet times, and the five of us would enjoy the calm of another day well-spent.  Until next time!

A true cat nap

Want more cute pictures? We’ve got ’em! Head over to our Facebook page to check out our Kaya, Shell, Molly, and Felix album!

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