One does not simply walk…to the river

What a happy water dog!

Recently Nora and Doyle dragged Sean on a super run through the trails of Henry Cowell.  At the start, the three of them had one goal and only one goal: get to the river!

There was only one way to get there in time, and that was to run, run, run! At one point, Nora took the lead, racing ahead with a huge doggy grin on her face as she proclaimed that she was queen of the trail! Twisting around single tracks, flying over roots and up and down hills, the two aussies brought Sean successfully down to the water.

Doyle dipping in a paw

Nora plunged right in, looking like the happiest water dog in the world, while Doyle hovered cautiously around the edge, putting in one paw, then another, then slowly, carefully easing his way farther into the river.  Doyle is only ever cautious when it comes to water; when it comes to running, jumping, or meeting other interesting dogs on the trail, he is 100% for it 100% of the time.  Still, he looked pretty happy in the shallows, and might be a water dog yet.  🙂

Doyle, Sean, and Nora flying back along the trail



After leaving the river, the three of them had an even bigger challenge: the climb back away from the river.  Luckily they were all up for it, making excellent time back to the main path before flying down it to meet me on their way back to the car.

On the drive back home, Sean gave himself a pat on the back for a job well done as both aussies curled up together in the back seat for a much-deserved doggy nap.  As always, check out our facebook page for more pictures of their river adventure!

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