Remembering Gromit

Aww, that face!


I first met Gromit and her brother Moses a year and a half ago. A lab mix described as “a bit persnickety, with Mona Lisa eyes” she was such a welcome addition to our regular packs. And while occasionally I would see a hint of this “persnicketyness,” she was consistently sweet to every GoDog she met.


Gromit, always so happy to hike with her brother Moses!






Whenever we showed up, Gromit would race to the door and look at us with those famous big, liquid eyes of hers. Sean and I referred to this look as “Gromit face,” and it was always impossible to resist.

Sean and the pack dodge raindrops at Henry Cowell






Also impossible to resist? Gromit’s enthusiasm for adventure and the great outdoors! Like any true GoDog, she was always ready to go anywhere, rain…




Ahh, glorious sunlight








…Or shine.


Gromit sandwiched between her besties Moses and Duchess







Gromit made many good friends among the GoDogz packs. While Moses would always be her biggest love, she was particularly fond of her little protege, Duchess, a black lab puppy whose very first GoDogz pack hike was with Gromit and Moses.

Treat break with her westside pack friends



Gromit took to mentoring a puppy immediately; she really loved the extra attention and energy, and would often go and check in with Duchess first. While she had those special dog friends, really every GoDog quickly became her buddy. We could add her to any pack, and the other dogs would be happy to see her.


Gromit and her pack at Nisene




I don’t know if Gromit had a favorite trail or park. She was always so happy to hike everywhere, and trotted along like the best dog in the world no matter where we hiked. I do know she loved the great big redwoods of Nisene Marks…

Venturing out to conquer another hill








As well as the rolling sand hills of Henry Cowell.

Loving the smell of the ocean











The ocean breezes along Lighthouse Field and westcliff were always a favorite…

Photo op with the pack at Pogonip!










And she could never resist the sunny trails of Pogonip.


Gromit was loved by everyone on our team – she was a joy to hike with, bringing her gentle sense of fun to every outing.

Gromit loved her Moses time, at home and on the trails






Before moving in with Moses and his mama, she bounced around to a couple different houses, but was so fortunate to end up in a truly loving home; I could tell she was very content, living the life she would have handpicked for herself, a long, full life with many adventures.

Sweet Gromit face





Unfortunately, she passed away last week. We are all going to miss her sweet Gromit face and the way she’d perk up whenever we got to the trails, or how she’d always greet us at the door, ready for her next big hike.

I like to picture her trotting across the rainbow bridge, joining the GoDogz who journeyed there ahead of her, all of them hiking on their final grand adventure together. She’ll fit right in, trotting along with them like the best dog in the world.






Rest in peace, Gromit. We miss you.





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