Remembering Wallace

These 3 GoDogz are ready to walk!

These three GoDogz are ready to walk!



I first met Wallace a little over two years ago. Wallace was the first white boxer I’d ever seen, and with his striking appearance, and flanked by his two French bulldog siblings, Turtle and Wednesday, I always got smiles and comments when I walked this trio.


Happy boy

Happy boy






Wallace loved his walks. The moment I walked in the door, I could always hear him bark, excited to go, his stubby tail wagging furiously. A perfect gentleman, he’d patiently wait while I harnessed and leashed him and then his buddies, and then off we’d go.





Walking was serious business

“Why are we stopping?” 😉



Wallace was the best walker – he would trot along at my left side, never pulling, always stepping lightly. He was happy to do our normal loop down to west cliff and up along the park, but also just as happy to check out other routes. As long as he was out, he was content.


Such a cute pack!

Such a cute pack!




Wallace had a gentle nature – he was always careful to defer to his smaller siblings on the walks, letting them choose their places and then walking beside them. Earlier in his life, Wallace had a few run-ins with dogs who didn’t seem to like him, especially fluffy dogs, so he was cautious passing other dogs. Eventually though, we introduced him to Gordy, and after a tentative sniff, Wallace and Gordy gave each other the unspoken doggie sign of agreement and were happy to walk together as well.

Loving his toys

Loving his toys





After a walk, Wallace loved to spend a few minutes playing with his toys out on the deck, and would be thrilled any time his dog walker headed out there with him. He also enjoyed getting a little extra attention, and would lean in, loving any pats and hip scritches he could get.

Wallace and Wednesday sleeping back to back_blog





In the evenings, Wallace liked to make himself comfortable on the bed, where he was always joined by his pal Wednesday. Their favorite was when I’d put their blankets in the dryer for a few minutes and then tuck them in, nice and snug. 😉


Wallace and Wednesday cuddle on the chair_blog



Wednesday loved Wallace, and wherever he slept, that’s where she’d sleep, too.





Sadly, Wallace passed away earlier this week. He got to meet and spend some time with a new puppy sibling, and despite a few medical close-calls over the past couple of months, he managed to shake off any set-backs, greeting the next day with extra enthusiasm, so grateful to spend a little more time with his family.


I’ve never met another dog quite like Wallace, so gentle, so content in everything: his walks, his playtime, even just relaxing next to you on the couch. I will miss the way he enthusiastically greeted me at the door every time, and I’m so glad we got to spend the past two years with him.

Rest in peace, Wallace. We are all going to miss you so much, and are grateful for all the wonderful walks we had with you. Thank you for touching our lives.



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