Rest in Peace, Reggie

Today we turn to Hillary for a guest post chronicling her adventures with Reggie.

Happy Reggie




I was welcomed into the GoDogz team by Reggie and his family. I was lucky enough to have them be my very first hike! Reggie was not part of the pack in the same way as many of our other GoDogz. He got solo time with each of his hikers for a potty walk before his brother, Omar, went out for a pack hike. Those few minutes with Reggie were always peaceful and mellow.




“We can share this, my most precious possession”




Over the course of a couple of pet sits, I was able to see just how loving this giant Mastiff could be! Weighing in over 130 pounds in his prime, at first glance Reggie came across as a tough and intimidating dog. However, he quickly showed us his soft side, often greeting us by bringing one of his precious stuffed animals to share. We will never forget those loving eyes and sweet cuddles.



GoDog on the go!





Reggie’s favorite time, even when he wasn’t feeling well, was hearing a leash and collar be picked up. He would quickly get up off his bed, the back deck, or hustle out of his crate to venture outside! He was always eager to sniff all the traces of his neighborhood and though his sight was not perfect, he would always find signs of the cats and squirrels before I could.





Reggie snuggling with sibling Wednesday




Unfortunately, Reggie was diagnosed with stage IV cancer just a few months ago. He fought hard, but sadly, recently he crossed the rainbow bridge. He’ll be in good company, cuddling with his sister Wednesday in a place where he can hear the jangle of his collar and eat as many frozen bananas and French fries as his heart desires.


Regal Reggie, such a good dog








Rest in peace, Reggie. You are very missed.

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