Rula’s Tails from the Trailz!

Silly Rula!

Meet Rula, a young Swiss Mountain Dog!

Rula is always so happy to see me because she knows it’s walking time! When I let her out of the yard, she bounds past me, turns at the gate, and bounds back exuberantly, barely sitting still long enough for me to leash her.

Once on the leash, however, Rula immediately calms down and walks like a perfect little angel, keeping pace.  Her head is right at hand height, so I can pet her easily while still walking – a nice benefit to being with such a good-sized dog.  🙂  The only complications are when her feline buddy, Oswald, decides he wants to walk as well.

Dog and cat walk


I always know Oswald is behind us because Rula starts doing a kind of sideways dance, trying to go say hi to him.  She gets very excited and wants to play while walking, which can make our outing a little more interesting.  Still, eventually we reorganize, and Rula and I walk while Oswald jumps and leaps and trots along behind and next to us.

It's tug-of-war time, right? Right?



On the days that Oswald sleeps in, Rula and I usually explore Pogonip, or take the nearby path into Harvey West.  Otherwise, there are plenty of nice streets to wander and neighborhoods to walk through.  No matter where we go, Rula always looks content just to be outdoors and walking.

Once back at the house, it’s time for a good brushing.  Rula usually turns around in circles, leaning into the brush.  Afterwards, she tries to interest me in a nice game of tug-of-war with her favorite toy.

Hey! When's our next walk?



When I leave, sometimes Rula jumps up and watches me go over the gate.  It’s hard to leave with those huge puppy eyes on me, but she knows I’ll be back.  Until next time, Rula!

For more cute pictures of Rula and the rest of our GoDogz pack, check out our facebook page!

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