Sadie and Pino back on the Trailz!

Is it time to walk yet? Is it? Is it?


I was fortunate enough recently to spend some more time with two great GoDogz – Sadie and Pino! Or Peanut, as I call him.  😉


When I got to the house, Pino was practically dancing in place he was so excited – he knew it must be walk time! As I put down my stuff and got ready, he danced in circles around me, his front paws clapping until I finally put the leash on him.  Sadie was much more dignified about it, but as soon as she was leashed she was the first one out the door.


Sadie looking dignified as she surveys her realm











Both dogs love their walks.  They enjoy the scenery, the smells, the exercise, and even more smells.  Every inch of our path has been carefully analyzed by both of them.  The points of greatest interest got the double-sniff treatment before it was time to move on.


Such good friends!

Back at the house both pups are pretty mellow.  This time around Sadie enjoyed relaxing in the grass more than on the porch step, which was her previous “spot.”  Pino enjoyed curling up on the warm flagstones of the patio, or racing around the perimeter, chasing off squirrels.

Looking slightly the worse for wear…


Inside, Sadie would often find a nice corner to rest in.  Sometimes Pino would join her, curling up next to his pal.  Other times he would get a sudden burst of extra energy, and he would go racing around the house with a stuffed toy in his mouth, thrashing it about.

At night they’d both eventually settle down, resting up so they’d have plenty of energy to do it all again the next day.  🙂

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