Sadie’s Tails from the Trailz

Sadie enjoying the outdoors

Sadie enjoying the outdoors

When I first met Sadie, she was already a senior dog, but she never let that stop her. Despite her years she was always very excited to walk with her buddy Pinot, and during the walks she was definitely the feisty one. We’d walk along, Sadie on one side, mouth slightly open, enjoying the scents on the breeze, Pinot trotting along on the other side, and if another dog got too close, Sadie would be quick to let them know.

Two GoDogz waiting for their walk

Just two GoDogz waiting for their walk

She loved stopping and sniffing the grass, and could move surprisingly fast if she spotted food hidden along the way. She had every inch of her normal route carefully analyzed, and knew exactly where the best places to search for tasty treats would be. She also definitely had her favorite spots to sniff, which she shared with Pinot, the two of them doing the classic double sniff many times.

Back at the house both Sadie and Pinot loved eating their dinners. Sometimes they would get steamed vegetables, other times they’d even get pieces of chicken, or delicious canned food and pumpkin. No matter what, they would both wait while I set it up, following me with their eyes until I put the bowls down, and then that food never stood a chance.

Her stomach full, Sadie loved to sit outside, either on the front step of the porch or, in later petsits, more often in the yard itself.

A regal-looking Sadie surveys her kingdom

A regal-looking Sadie surveys her kingdom











Pinot settles himself near Sadie

Pinot settles himself near Sadie


She’d do a perimeter sniff and then settle down majestically in the middle of the yard, tilting her head up, looking so peaceful and happy out there. Often Pinot would hang out during the day on a nice warm cobblestone nearby, or occasionally he’d find his own spot of grass next to his buddy.



At home, the two pals could often be seen curled up together in a corner – Sadie would find herself a spot to settle down in, and then Pinot would wander over and curl up close by. Despite their differences in age, breed, and size, these two GoDogz pals had a very deep and clear connection between them, and loved to spend time together.



Sadie unfortunately passed away last week. She was almost fifteen years old, and lived every minute up to the end with her feisty attitude and sweet, loving character – a great combination. She loved her walks as well as her relaxing time, and did everything with a kind of satisfied happiness. She will be greatly missed.

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