Slumber Party with Nalu and Potter!

This past week I I had a great time hanging out with two fun labs, Nalu and Potter!

potter is very excited for dinner_blog

What’s that you say? It’s time to eat?


We quickly fell into a routine. Every morning, Potter would wake up at 5am, and the sound of his tail thumping against the bed would wake me up, too. Sometimes he’d let me sleep a little longer if I made sure to lay absolutely still, but I could feel him waiting the whole time, so I’d usually just get up. Potter would dance around, so excited, Nalu joining in the enthusiasm as they herded me to the kitchen where it was time for breakfast!


After breakfast, both pups would usually settle down for a nice little nap until about 8am, when they’d start getting excited, prancing around me as I finished getting ready and put on my shoes…clearly this meant it was time for a walk.

Soakin' up the sun

Soakin’ up the sun



We would usually do a loop over to look at the ocean in the morning, and hardly a walk would go by without someone coming up and saying what beautiful labs Nalu and Potter were. Nalu especially always preened under that attention, and there would be a little more dance in her step as we continued on.

Back at the house it was time to relax again, usually inside, until about midday when it was time to hang out in the yard and sometimes go for a short walk, soaking up the sun. Sometimes Sean and Gordy would come by to hang out – Gordy has always wanted to be a lab, so he was always very excited to join the pack.

Happy dogs at the beach

Happy dogs at the beach





In the afternoon it was time for another walk, or a fun trip to the beach. There’s nothing Nalu likes better than the beach!



Tag, you're it!

Tag, you’re it!


Nalu would race around the sand like a giant puppy, chasing Gordy and Potter, diving into the surf and running all around with the happiest doggie grin on her face.Potter would get excited, too, chasing after her and enjoying a good roll in the sand. Gordy liked these outings best, too, as he jumped and chased and played with the other labs.


Look who's at the door...

Look who’s at the door…


Back at the house, it would be time to relax a little longer, enjoy the rest of the afternoon sun, and then eat dinner. After a good, long day of walking and playing, both pups enjoyed a nice mellow evening at home, resting up so they’d be ready to start it all over again GoDogz-style, bright and early!


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