Sunny’s Tails from the Trailz

on the way to the trails...

on the way to the trails…

Sunny got to spend a day in the life of a GoDog last weekend when his family was at a wedding. As a young lab mix, Sunny is always ready for a good run or hike, so Sean and I took him out for an ultra run on the trails of Delaveaga.

Gordy got to tag along, and the the pups tentatively exchanged sniffs outside the car. Tails started wagging almost immediately, and just like that the two were fast friends. In the car Sunny looked a little nervous, but once we stopped at the park, he was super happy and ready to go!

Dog power!

Dog power!






Sean strapped Sunny and Gordy in and they took off. Instant dog-power!







Photo op!

Photo op!

We stopped a few times for water and treat breaks, and a couple of photo ops. Sunny poses nicely in his pictures, looking adorable with his tongue hanging out the side. Then it was back to business – trail running time!

We made it to the top of the main trail, avoiding mountain bikers and navigating hills, until we reached the nice, sunny golf course. Then it was time to turn around and head back.

Looks like a GoDog to me!

Looks like a GoDog to me!



On the way down we took our time, exploring some of the side trails so Sunny would get a chance to smell the different smells along the way, so he’d have plenty of memories to hold him over through the rest of the afternoon.

Back in the car he curled up, tired and content to ride peacefully back to the house, where it was time for dinner, water, and a good nap.

We took plenty of photos, so don’t forget to check out the album on our facebook page!


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