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Ziva’s Tails from the Trailz!

  Today we bring you Ziva’s Tails from the Trailz!   Ziva is a 2 year old wire-haired griffon. I’ve heard it said that the best thing about this breed is they act like puppies for a long time, and the worst thing about this breed is…they act like puppies for a long time. 😉 […]

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Kaya’s Tails from the Trailz

This is way overdue, but today we wanted to share some of Kaya’s tails from the trailz! I was fortunate enough to bring in the new year with this 7-month old malamute pup, and let me tell you, she definitely brought her party spirit! Kaya is very sweet and mischievous, and full of puppy energy. […]

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Tails from the Trailz with Penny Lane!

And she’s back! Recently we got to spend more time with the always-adorable Penny Lane! Once she heard the jingle of her leash, Penny Lane would come running out, so excited she’d stand up on her back legs, paws up towards me, making cute little noises.  Leashed and ready, it would be time to walk. […]

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Tails from the Trailz with Jack, Mochi, & Bri!

Meet three new GoDogz – Jack, Mochi, and Bri! Jack is the oldest, a stately, dignified terrier/corgi mix.  With his expressive eyebrows and calm demeanor, he always gets a lot of attention on the walk. Seven-year-old Mochi is a great walker, happy to trot along at your side.  A lhasa apso, she seems calm most […]

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Aussie Adventure!

On Friday Sean and I found ourselves with some extra time, so we decided it was time for an aussie adventure! We loaded Gordy up in the car and picked up two of his favorite GoDogz pals – Nora and Doyle! Then it was off to Henry Cowell for an ultra-run! First Sean gave all […]

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Hiking the Ansel Adams Wilderness

  Recently Sean, Gordy, and I took a trip out to the Ansel Adams Wilderness with some friends.  Our goal? To hike ALL of it! And we did, practically.  Or at least it felt that way.  🙂   We began our hike at Silver Lake.  Originally, we planned to be on the trails before the […]

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Tails from the Trailz with Leo!

  Meet Leo, a super-cute GoDog! Leo is a young poodle-bichon mix with seemingly endless energy and, like any true GoDog, he loves to walk! When I show up at his door, he does a happy dance on his hind legs, his paws in the air, almost twirling on the spot.  Leashed and ready, Leo […]

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Jessie & Charlie share their Tailz!

Last week I had the pleasure of walking some amazing GoDogz, Jessie and Charlie! Not only do these pups know how to walk in true GoDog fashion, but they make it look good! They were constantly posing for the camera – check out our facebook page for their full photo albums. When I showed up […]

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Rosie returns to the Trailz

We were fortunate enough to have a lot of walks with Rosie recently.  She might be small, but she embodies the true GoDog spirit and is never happier than when she’s walking! Rosie got to spend time with the whole GoDogz team – Me, Sean, Christy, and even Gordy! What a lucky GoDog! Most of […]

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Gordy gets hounded

Gordy recently made a new GoDogz friend – Hudson hound! When Hudson’s dad told us he thought his hound could use more doggie companionship, Sean and I organized a meet ‘n’ walk between Hudson and Gordy. Both dogs did a hesitant sniff first, a cautious circle, and then, tails wagging, each gave the paw of […]

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