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Rest in Peace, Reggie

Today we turn to Hillary for a guest post chronicling her adventures with Reggie.       I was welcomed into the GoDogz team by Reggie and his family. I was lucky enough to have them be my very first hike! Reggie was not part of the pack in the same way as many of […]

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Remembering Gromit

  I first met Gromit and her brother Moses a year and a half ago. A lab mix described as “a bit persnickety, with Mona Lisa eyes” she was such a welcome addition to our regular packs. And while occasionally I would see a hint of this “persnicketyness,” she was consistently sweet to every GoDog […]

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The Adventures of Scout

    We met Scout when he was only about 5 months old, and already bursting with life and curiosity. His person told me he’d recently discovered how to open his kennel, and the other day she’d caught him pawing at a doorknob, trying to figure it out.   This German Shepherd/Husky mix was clearly […]

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Remembering Wallace

    I first met Wallace a little over two years ago. Wallace was the first white boxer I’d ever seen, and with his striking appearance, and flanked by his two French bulldog siblings, Turtle and Wednesday, I always got smiles and comments when I walked this trio.             Wallace loved […]

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Johnson’s Tails from the Trailz

  I first met Johnson almost exactly a year ago – I can still remember how excited his owner was to adopt him, and Sean and I headed over to meet this friendly golden retriever and welcome him to the GoDogz pack. Johnson came from Taiwan through the NorCal Golden Retriever Rescue. I don’t know […]

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