Tails from the Trailz: CC and Harley

Today’s Tails are brought to you by Sean, who got to enjoy a weekend with two very fun dogs! Read on for his GoDog adventure!

Harley and CC


This past weekend I got to spend some time with CC, a terrier mix, and her buddy, Harley, a large black lab. As far as personalities go, this couple is about as opposite as it gets! CC is definitely the boss, and at first she wasn’t too happy to have a stranger entering her space. Luckily Harley is much less picky about his companions; as long as I had a ball I was his best friend.

CC tells me to hurry up with the food

On our walks, CC remained the boss. She’d stop to sniff a nice patch of grass and Harley would quickly follow her lead, bounding over to investigate the new smell! After walking, it was time for dinner. Harley and CC waited on their brown rug while I put out their food bowls. Harley sat there http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/propecia/ happily, excited about his upcoming meal, while CC let me know that I was taking too long.


After eating, Harley wanted to share his most prized possession with me: a worn out tennis ball! Watching T.V., reading on the couch, or eating dinner, Harley was always there trying to drop his ball in my lap. Eventually Harley decided that playing ball wasn’t enough so he tried to climb up on my lap.


Banished from the couch, Harley still has fun playing with his toys

Normally I’m alright with cuddling on the couch, but Harley is about 80 pounds and very exuberant. I did my best to calm him down, but then CC decided she wanted to get in on the attention, and joined me on the couch as well.


So there we were, all happily cuddling until CC decided the couch wasn’t big enough for the three of us and told Harley he was no longer welcome on the couch. Can’t argue with the boss!!

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