Tails from the Trailz: Jasper and Birdie

Me with Jasper and Birdie

Happy New Year, everyone! All of our 2011 dogs were so wonderful, we can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring! And speaking of wonderful, let’s take a walk with Jasper and Birdie, two dogs who put the “Go” in GoDogz!

I had the privilege of spending some time with Jasper and Birdie over the holidays, and let me just say that they spoiled me rotten. Jasper, an extremely friendly yellow lab, would sit next to me and try to tuck his head either under my chin or against my chest, while Birdie (a corgi/chihuahua mystery mix) was happiest curling up in my lap.

Yay, the beach!

When it was time to go on a walk, both dogs would get very excited, and would wait by the door for me to get their leashes on. On the walks, they were well-behaved, and enjoyed every minute of it. Jasper especially loved rolling on his back in the sand at the beach, while Birdie seemed happiest sniffing around the grass at the side of the path. Their next favorite thing? Getting an after walk treat at home!

Birdie relaxing on my lovely pirate blanket on my lap

After our exercise, the three of us would usually relax at the house, Jasper laying down on the rug and Birdie on a blanket on my lap. Jasper would eventually decide it was time to bring me a toy, but he’d be thwarted by a suddenly energetic Birdie, who would launch herself off my lap and do an amazing leap, grabbing the toy in her tiny mouth and trying to wrestle it away from her much larger companion. A furious tug-of-war would ensue, as both dogs refused to give in.

Tug-of-war time!

Sometimes Jasper would literally just drag Birdie across the floor as she tried to dig her little heels in, and sometimes she’d win, snaking the toy away from him, but really the only loser in these games was the toy itself; during the week we lost two poor stuffed toys.

Clearly Jasper and Birdie loved playing together. The companionship between the two dogs was very touching to watch, and I was lucky to get to share in it for a few days.

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