Tails from the Trailz: Koa and Lehua, a love story

Koa poses in front of the ocean

Today we’re checking in with Koa, who puts the “friendly” in labrador retriever! At ten years old, Koa has learned to be pretty mellow most of the time…unless you pick up his ball.  Then it’s time to play and play hard!

About a year or two before his family had Koa, they rescued Lehua.  She had just given birth to a whole litter of kittens in an unsafe area.  The family who found her was able to take her and her kittens in and nurse them all into good health.  Eventually all the kittens were able to find good homes, but nobody wanted the poor mama kitty, so her rescuers kept her.

Lehua snuggles next to Koa

Lehua was always used to her independence, and would still come and go as she pleased, until the day her new family brought home Koa.  For Lehua it was love at first sight, and from then on she would stick close to the house and “her” puppy.  While I was there I’d often see them relaxing together on Koa’s dog bed, or lying http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/arthritis/ together in the yard.  Sometimes Lehua would walk by and rub her face against Koa’s, purring softly.

Helloooo! It's fetch time!

Both Koa and Lehua loved relaxing at the house and getting attention, and I sometimes had my hands full, literally, trying to pet them both at the same time.  In addition to spending time with his favorite cat, Koa was a big fan of his walks and would be very excited whenever I told him it was time to go outside.

Other favorites? Playing with his seal toy, and fetch! Any time we were in the yard, Koa would immediately bring me his green rubber ball.  If I didn’t pick it up fast enough, he’d snatch it back, then race around in a circle before giving me another chance to get in on the fun.

Oh boy! The beach!




Koa especially loved sniffing around at the beach and looking out over the ocean, but really, wherever he was going and whatever he was doing, Koa was a happy dog.

For more cute pictures of Koa and Lehua, check out our facebook page here.

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