Tails from the Trailz: Lola and Bodhi

This weekend I got to spend some extra time with the canine version of the odd couple, Lola and Bodhi!  Why are they the odd couple, you ask?  Well, Lola is a tiny eight-year-old toy poodle and Bodhi is a large three-year-old lab mix.  Walking down Capitola I got lots of smiles and double takes as we made our way to Portola Drive to look out over the Monterey Bay, Bodhi always in the lead and Lola taking her time investigating the smells.

The highlight for both dogs was a trip to the park.  I did a brief run with Bodhi, and Lola soon wanted to join in on the fun (she was walking http://www.eta-i.org/ambien.html with Heidi).  I looked back to see Lola bounding through the grass with her ears flopping in the wind!  When Lola caught up to us, both her and Bodhi took a break and enjoyed some time rolling in the grass.

When we returned to the house it was dinner time, and both dogs eagerly ate their food.  Afterwards they relaxed in their respective spots: Bodhi nearby on the floor, and Lola on her favorite Giraffe stuffed animal.  🙂

Although they appear opposite, Bodhi and Lola are best buds and love their GoDogz adventures!!

Lola loves her Giraffe!

Bodhi relaxing after a nice walk and tasty dinner!

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