Tails from the Trailz: Bringing in the New Year With Penny Lane

Meet Penny Lane!

I had the pleasure of celebrating the start of 2012 with another wonderful GoDog: Penny Lane! Penny Lane is a 3-year-old bichon mix who weighs in at a whopping eleven pounds.  But don’t let her small size fool you; she has more than enough character and energy to be a GoDog!

Sean and I took Penny Lane on a New Year’s Eve walk before dinner.  She was very excited to walk, although a little uncertain around Sean at first; she kept shooting him suspicious looks, but by the time we got back to the house he had worked his charm on her and they were fast friends.  In fact, she spent the next hour bringing Sean every single toy she owned, trying to convince him to keep playing with her.

Penny: "How about this toy? Doesn't it look fun?"

Penny: "Or...this one! You know you want to play..."

As I’m sure you can guess from her name, Penny Lane is a huge music fan, so Sean and I made sure to leave the soft rock station playing for her when we left for our own dinner.  When I came http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/wellbutrin/ back later in the evening it was time for another walk, our last walk in 2011.  Penny still had plenty of energy, but she calmed down quickly at the house after a few games of tug-of-war.


We tried to stay up to watch the New Year come in, but I’m ashamed to say that Penny Lane and I ended up falling asleep on the couch, watching HBO.  When I woke up hours later, she was curled up in such a cute little dog ball next to me that I decided it would be mean to move, so we began 2012 by napping on the couch.

In the morning it was time for another brisk walk in the fresh, new air, followed by breakfast.  We had one more walk in the afternoon, and then it was time for me to go.  As I walked out the door, humming the Beatles song, I looked back at Penny Lane’s happy face.  “It’ll be a good year, Penny Lane,” I told her, and I could tell she agreed.

For more cute pictures of Penny Lane, as well as some of our other GoDogz, check out our facebook page!


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