Tails from the Trailz: Rosie’s story

Meet Rosie!


Meet Rosie, a three-year-old shih tzu with a ton of energy! Like most shih tzu’s, Rosie is extremely friendly.  The first time I came to her house she rose up on her hind paws and leaned against me, her cute little face opened in a doggy grin, inviting me to pet her.

Rosie and Sean enjoy some time together

Sean and I got to take her on a Thanksgiving Day walk through downtown Santa Cruz.  Rosie was a little nervous when first meeting Sean and hid behind my leg, but quickly warmed up to him on the walk.  By the time we got home he was getting the same enthusiastic treatment as I was.



Rosie was happy to crunch her way through the fallen leaves and meet other dogs on her walks, and was always excited when it was time to go out.  A real trooper, she walked up and down a steep hill like it was nothing, her tail proudly extended like a flag behind her.

Ralphie really enjoys his dinner!


Aside from walking, Rosie enjoys wrestling with her favorite pal, Ralphie the cat.  Ralphie is also very affectionate and spent most of his time following Sean around the house, demanding attention, and eating.  He was a rescue with a hungry past, so these days he makes a point of eating as much as his family will let him get away with.


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