Tails from the Trailz: Running with Ciao and Bear!

Me, Bear, and Ciao

We introduced you to Ciao and Bear on Valentine’s Day and now, as promised, here’s their follow-up installment of Tails from the Trailz! Meet Ciao, an extremely high energy australian shepherd, and his good pal Bear, a three-year-old black lab.  Together this dynamic duo has kept me on my toes, literally! Here’s how a typical outing with these pups goes:

Oh boy! It's running time!



Sean and I drive up in the morning, and Bear and Ciao come sprinting over to the fence, large doggy grins plastered on their faces. They see us walking over to the gate and they know it’s running time!

We all pile into the car and head over to Pogonip for another fun run on the trails. Bear gets so excited about running that he tries to pull me all the way in every direction. In order to keep him in line, we attach him to Ciao, whose natural aussie herding instincts kick in. He spends the run trotting along next to his pal, making sure Bear keeps running straight.

And we're off!



I clip both dogs to my belt and we’re off! The first ten minutes fly by like nothing as the dogs practically sprint their way down the trail, improving my own running pace by several minutes. This is probably my favorite part of the whole run – the sheer joy and exuberance of my doggie companions energizes me, and I feel great! We charge forward, stopping only for a quick drink of water and the occasional treat.

Our route varies depending on how fast we’re going.  We start off taking http://www.eta-i.org/xanax.html mostly fire roads, which are much easier to navigate when clipped to two dogs than the single tracks, and usually add additional trails as needed.  Lately we’ve been going so fast that I’ve had to add a whole out-and-back trail to our regular route! Regardless, both Bear and Ciao are incredibly happy out there in the fresh Santa Cruz air.

After sprinting, the boys have a quick water break in the meadow

On the way back our pace usually slows a little as both dogs decide they’re getting tired of dragging me along with them. Still, I promised their mom I’d really wear them out, so sometimes I’ll pass them over to Sean to go even faster. He urges them on, sprinting out along the trail and then back towards me, and then together we all make it to the entrance.

Then it’s time for a small treat (Ciao and Bear remind me that it’s always time for a treat…) and some more water. Bear loves drinking out of the bottle, but Ciao usually refuses, acting like it’s beneath him. After that it’s time to pile back into the car. Ciao and Bear are like different dogs on the drive home, both lying down, relaxed and happy. I always wonder how long that lasts, though, because by the time I pick them up again for their next run, boy are they ready to go! One thing’s for sure: these two are natural GoDogz!

Happy Ciao on the run

Ah, refreshing!












For more pictures of Bear and Ciao, check out this earlier post here, or visit us on facebook!

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