Tails from the Trailz with Coco and Ruby!

Ruby with one of her favorite toys

Last week I got to spend time with two truly amazing GoDogz – Coco and Ruby! Both of these girls are Bernese Mountain dogs, and true to their breed, they are extremely friendly and nice.  They each came from difficult situations, but were rescued and are now living happily with their loving family.

When I first arrived, they greeted me at the door like excellent guard dogs.  As soon as I picked up their leashes, Ruby ran for a toy, looking very excited.  She always likes to carry a toy in her mouth, but after I convinced her to leave it at home, the three of us were off.

Coco loving her walk

Coco started off a little nervous on the walk; she’s not the biggest fan of changes, but quickly adjusted to walking with me and soon came to love her walks almost as much as Ruby, a.k.a. “curious George.”  While Coco remained close to my side during most of the walks, Ruby liked to zig-zag in front, smelling and exploring everything.

After a walk, it was time to rest for a bit until http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/adipex/ dinner time, followed by a trip out to the yard.  In the evening, we would go on another short walk before bed.  Both dogs were pretty mellow after all that, and happy to hang out and demand attention.

How could I say no to those faces?


There were a few nights that I fell into a puppy-trap: the dogs would stand at the foot of the bed, looking as cute as possible, until I let them up to cuddle with me.  “Just for a few minutes,” I told them, but I didn’t have the heart to kick them off after that.  Ruby usually left after a while, but Coco liked to stay up there half the night.

Ruby says good morning!


In the mornings, it would be time for a trip out to the yard and breakfast, followed by some rest before a good walk.  Both Coco and Ruby greeted each morning with enthusiasm, and were happy to either eat, walk, rest, or cuddle up with me.  I certainly couldn’t ask for better company!

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