Tails from the Trailz with Jack, Mochi, & Bri!

Jack waits nicely by the door

Meet three new GoDogz – Jack, Mochi, and Bri!

Jack is the oldest, a stately, dignified terrier/corgi mix.  With his expressive eyebrows and calm demeanor, he always gets a lot of attention on the walk.

Seven-year-old Mochi is a great walker, happy to trot along at your side.  A lhasa apso, she seems calm most of the time, but is quick to put her siblings in their place when necessary.

It’s Mochi! (pre-haircut)






Bri is by far the youngest (not quite two), and has more energy than ten dogs put together.  From the moment I arrive, she is go, go, go, trying to pull me along faster on the walk.

Bri has a toy!



Once I have all three of the dogs leashed and out the door, Bri immediately tries to take off, charging ahead like she’s trying to win a sled http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/celebrex/ race.  Mochi walks either just in front of me, or next to me, nice and calm, while Jack usually hangs back, content to trot along after his sisters.

Gordy blends right in!

Sometimes Gordy sneaks out and joins the pack.  Bri is enchanted with him, but Jack still hasn’t made up his mind about having him along.  Still, all four dogs are united in their love of treats.  🙂

Ahh, feels nice…

Back at the house it’s time for some refreshing water.  Afterwards Jack usually rolls around on his back, while Mochi supervises.  Bri generally tries convincing me it’s now time to play with her and her toys.  After one last water fill up, I head out, knowing all three will be rested, recharged, and ready for their next walk like the pack of GoDogz they are.

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