Tails from the Trailz with Kaya and Shell!

Today we’ll take you on a walk with two very cute GoDogz – Kaya and Shell! Both of these dogs are great friends with very different personalities.

Kaya thinking, "I don't know about you yet, lady..."


Kaya is a little on the bossy side.  A red merle australian shepherd, she’s very fluffy and adorable, but she has this way of looking at you that lets you know she’s sizing you up.  When I came to get her for our first walk, she eyed me very suspiciously, but after a generous helping of treats she let me put her leash on, and after that she was ready to go!

A happy Shell


Shell, on the other hand, is a lot less judgmental.  A twelve-year-old mix, Shell had a rough puppyhood, including many years living with a dog hoarder who owned thirty-five other dogs.  She eventually ended up at a shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized for space when her new mom came along and rescued her two years http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/avodart/ ago.  Since then, Shell has found a great friend in her buddy, Kaya, and the two enjoy walking together and hanging out at the house.

Kaya and Shell urge me to walk faster




On our walks, Kaya likes to take the lead, and Shell is content to follow along in her footsteps.  We usually head over to a path that follows a creek towards the ocean.  Both dogs enjoy the scents and sounds of nature, and are happy to meet other dogs along the way.

Kaya and Shell...waiting for their next GoDogz adventure!




At the beach, sometimes we’ll stop and watch the ocean before looping back through the neighborhood towards the house.  Shell and Kaya are always happy to get inside where they know they’ll be getting a tasty treat! After that, they demand their fair share of affection before it’s time for me to go.  Until next time!

For more pictures of Kaya and Shell, check out our GoDogz facebook page!

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