Tails from the Trailz with Leo!

Here’s Leo!


Meet Leo, a super-cute GoDog!

Leo is a young poodle-bichon mix with seemingly endless energy and, like any true GoDog, he loves to walk! When I show up at his door, he does a happy dance on his hind legs, his paws in the air, almost twirling on the spot.  Leashed and ready, Leo lets me know that it is time to go!

in super GoDog mode…




He enjoys sniffing around at the start of the walk before it’s time to get down to business.  He can walk surprisingly fast, and we usually cover a lot of ground in our time together, especially when it’s just the two of us.  When we have company on our walks, Leo will match his pace to theirs, effortlessly blending into the “pack.”


Sean and Gordy came along on one of our earlier walks.  Leo’s mom mentioned http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/ativan/ he’s a little nervous around bigger dogs, and at first he gave Gordy a wide berth, but by the end of the walk they were trotting along side-by-side, and now Leo is always extra happy to see his GoDog pal out there on the trails.

Leo and Gordy, happy to walk together


Leo also got to join up with Jessie and Charlie on a few walks – we had a whole GoDogz pack out there.  By the end, Leo was confident and happy to get treats with the others.

Back at the house, Leo does a very good job of suckering me into giving him a good belly rub before I can go.

Ooh, Sean has treats!


For more cute pictures of Leo, as well as an album of the combined Leo-Jessie-Charlie-Gordy pack, check out our facebook page!



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