Tails from the Trailz with Nora & Doyle!

Nora and Doyle reminded me that they’re still waiting to see their story so, without further delay, here’s a Tailz from two very exceptional GoDogz!

Nora and Doyle, leashed and ready to run!

There’s nothing quite like running with a pack of aussies, and Nora and Doyle are two of the best! Every run starts off the same way: I show up and Doyle starts jumping straight up into the air in his dog run.  He looks almost like a yo-yo, flying up a good five plus feet each time, a huge doggie grin on his face.  His buddy Nora runs back and forth behind him, barking excitedly.

When I let them out, I’m practically stampeded by a flood of enthusiastic dog as each attempts to be leashed first, but eventually we get ourselves sorted and head out to the car, and then it’s time to hit the trails at Henry Cowell!

Full speed ahead!

The first downhill on Pipeline road is always a little crazy, with Nora and Doyle charging full speed ahead, but later in the run, Nora usually drops back to run at heel on my left hand side, while Doyle continues sprinting as much as possible.  Sometimes he’ll be at heel, but it takes a while http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/paxil/ until he starts to get tired.

Sean running with Nora and Doyle








We usually stop for a quick water and treat break at the lookout bench, where we can admire the beautiful view.  Doyle always insists on getting his water first, and Nora patiently moves out of his way.  If I try to give each of them water at the same time, it doesn’t work – they only want to drink out of the same bottle as each other.

Me with my GoDogz pals

After a little more hill work, we turn around and run back, enjoying the fact that it’s mostly downhill on our return trip, until that final hill.  Then I rely on my super aussie power to motor me up, and the three of us climb up and over, racing back down to the car.

At the car, it’s time for some water and another treat.  Both dogs sit very nicely for me, waiting for their snack.  Then it’s back in the car, where they usually curl up together, their eyes half-closed and expressions content, and I know I’ve done my job.

These dogs are super photogenic – check out our facebook page for lots more cute pictures!

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